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Where Can I Still Buy Texas Pete Honey Mustard?

Honey Mustard Sauce, 12 fl oz, Texas Pete –

Is Texas Pete honey mustard hot?

Because it’s moderate (just 25-200 Scoville heat units), our Honey Mustard Sauce may be used to dress up a variety of dishes while keeping them Southern-inspired. Furthermore, because it is naturally fat-free, your clients will be able to savor the flavor with less guilt.

Is Texas Pete honey mustard good?

There is no depth to the flavor. If you took 3.5 parts honey and 1.5 parts mustard and stirred them together, you would most likely obtain the following result. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product It’s a pleasant surprise. While attempting to get an order for my Texas Pete spicy sauce, I come upon this Texas Pete Honey Mustard sauce, which I immediately purchase.

Does Walmart have honey mustard? has a great deal on Great Value Honey Mustard, 12 oz.

Where is Walmart honey?

The layouts of different stores varies slightly from one another. When shopping at Walmart, look for condiments, spices, and sauce in the condiments and spices section. Honey may be found in the refrigerated section of supermarket shops such as Safeway, near the bread, peanut butter, and jelly. You won’t find it in the baking area of the grocery store.

Does Trader Joe’s have honey mustard?

Trader Joe’s Truffle Honey Mustard is a delicious condiment. Truffle Honey Mustard from Trader Joe’s tastes like the kind of honey mustard that billionaires eat on their toast. As a result, you will have to double-check your receipt to ensure that you did not spend an arm and a leg on it.

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Which fast food chain has the best honey mustard?

Honey Mustard Fast Food Ranks in the Top Ten

  • Wendy’s: This honey mustard is quite fantastic, and it is on the sweeter side of things while yet remaining creamy. McDonald’s: If you ask me, the honey mustard is a classic.
  • KFC: Please hear me out on this one.
  • Arby’s: Arby’s honey mustard sauce is creamy and tasty, and it’s identical to KFC’s honey mustard.

What honey mustard does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce is a dipping sauce that combines the spicy flavor of dijon mustard with the sweetness of honey.

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