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Readers ask: Who does Huck pretend to be?

Huck Finn has to pretend to be Tom Sawyer because he realizes that the family that is holding Jim is none other than the family of Tom Sawyer. Because he wants to maintain easy access to Jim so he can free him, he takes on Tom’s identity so that he’ll be welcomed like family while devising his plan.

Who does Huck pretend to be at the Phelps farm?

Sally Phelps thinks Huck is her nephew, Tom Sawyer. She had received a letter from her sister, up north, informing her that Tom was coming south on the steamboat for a visit with his Phelps family relatives, so was anxiously awaiting Tom’s arrival.

Who does Huck disguise himself as?

Jim agrees, but has Huck disguise himself as a girl, using one of the dresses they took from the houseboat. Huck practices his girl impersonation and then sets out for the Illinois shore. In a formerly abandoned shack, he finds a woman who looks about forty years old and appears to be a newcomer to the town.

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Who is Huck mistaken for?

In chapter 32 of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck is mistaken for Tom Sawyer. Tom’s Aunt Sally thinks Huck is Tom.

What is Huck’s fake name?

Huck says his name is George Peters and describes himself as an apprentice to a mean farmer. She lets him go after quizzing him on several farm subjects to make sure he is telling the truth. She tells Huck to send for her, Mrs. Judith Loftus, if he has trouble.

How does Huck describe the Phelps farm?

The Phelps farm is a small plantation that is calm and peaceful. Who does Mrs. Phelps think Huck is? Huck decides to write to Miss Watson because if Jim is caught it would be better for him to be back home with her and near his family then to be owned by strangers.

Who was Silas Phelps?

Silas Phelps is the owner of a plantation in Pikesville far down the Mississippi River from St. Petersburg, where Huck Finn starts his adventure. Huck hears that Jim has been exposed as a runaway slave by the Duke and King, and detained at Phelps’ plantation.

Why does Huck pretend to be female?

Huck is bored, and wants to go into town to see what is going on. He dresses as a girl, and this is how he finds out that the town believes that Jim killed Huck and is now offering a $300.00 reward for him. They are going to search the island for him.

Why does Huck disguise himself as a girl?

Curiousity overwhelms him and he wants to know how society has taken to the news of his death. In order to get some information Huck disguises himself as a girl.

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How did Huck fake his death?

In Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Huck fakes his own death by using the blood from a pig that he’s killed.

Who is Huck mistaken for when he arrives at the Phelpses?

In Chapter 32 of ”The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,’ Huck arrives at the Phelps’s property. He discovers that Mrs. Phelps has mistaken him for her nephew Tom.

How does Huck feel about this mistaken identity?

How do Huck and Tom Sawyer get around the problem of Hucks mistaken identity? Huck feels bad for them even though they are bad people. why is huck surprised and shocked that Tom is willing to help steal jim. Huck is surprised because he thought that Tom would look down on Huck for wanting to help a slave be free.

What secret is Tom Sawyer keeping?

The entire time that Tom and Huck were devising all sorts of ridiculous “escape” plans to help Jim get out of the shed that he was being held prisoner in, Tom was keeping a secret about Jim: ” Old Miss Watson died two months ago, and she was ashamed she ever

What type of story does Huck make up to the family?

Huck makes up a story that Jim was originally his father’s/the family slave but is all that is left after bad debts and a steamboat destroyed his family and so Jim is actually his personal slave even though many people “accuse” him of being a runaway. How do the king and duke treat Huck and Jim?

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When Huck forgets the false name he is using with the Grangerfords How does he get buck to reveal what name he is using?

Terms in this set (15) After Huck forgets his name, how does he trick Buck into revealing it? When Huck forgets the name he tells Buck, he tricks him by saying that he bets Buck can’t spell his name. What theme was Emmeline Grangerford most interested in?

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