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Readers ask: What does code f22 mean on Whirlpool washer?

F22 indicates a front door lock issue. Try to following method to resolve: Select PAUSE/CANCEL twice to cancel the cycle.

How do I fix f22 error on my Whirlpool washer?

Try and reset the control by unplugging the washer for a minute. If after plugging it back up the problem continues just replace the door lock mechanism since that is the most common issue.

How do I clear the error code on my Whirlpool washer?

To remove the code, press pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. If the code is still displayed, unplug the washer or disconnect the power for one minute. Items were detected in the washer during the Clean Washer cycle. Remove items from the drum and restart the Clean Washer cycle.

How do I fix the f22 code on my Kenmore washer?

Hey Diana, the f22 error for this washing machine usually occurs when the door isn’t properly shut. Please make sure that the door is shut all the way. Also, if the problem persists then I’d recommend that you replace the door. You can get it replaced through warranty or manually.

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Is there a way to reset a Whirlpool washer?

Method 1: Unplug it The first way you can reset whirlpool washer top load is by unplugging it for about 2 minutes then plug it back in and wait about 30 seconds before starting the washer again. This performs a hard reset on the machine and it will start over after you reconnect it again.

What is F22 error?

22 error code is a sign that your boiler has low water pressure. Vaillant boilers can only work when they have the right water pressure. If the water pressure drops too low, the boiler will indicate an F22 error code. It then locks out and the hot water and central heating will no longer work.

Do Whirlpool washers have a reset button?

How to Confirm You Have Reset Your Whirlpool Washing Machine. Rotate your dial until you have the following three lights illuminated: RINSE, WASH, and STOP. Then turn off your washer and unplug it for ten seconds. When you turn it back on it should be reset.

What does F 21 mean on a Whirlpool washer?

If your Whirlpool washer is showing an F21 error code, this means that your washer is unable to drain properly. This can be caused by a clogged pipe, a faulty drain pump, or something simpler.

What does rL mean on Whirlpool washer?

The “rL” error code means that a load has been detected in drum during Clean Washer with affresh® cycle. The Clean Washer cycle is meant to run empty, with no clothing inside the washer. Remove items from washer drum and restart Clean Washer with affresh® cycle.

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What does FL Lo mean on Whirlpool washer?

The Whirlpool washer Lo FL error code is displayed when water is not detected entering the washer or it’s not filling the washer fast enough. Make sure the water supply hoses are not kinked or pinched and that screens in the supply line are clear of debris.

What is F21 code on Kenmore washer?

The F21 error code indicates a long drain. Here are some tips that should help you resolve this problem: Check your washer drain to make sure that it is draining properly. Check the drain hose for kinks and clogs.

Does unplugging a washer reset it?

On a machine without a reset button, unplugging the washer and then plugging it back in often serves as the means to reset it. Although not usually a button, programmable washing machines might have a reset function or position to clear a program problem.

How do I reset my Whirlpool Cabrio Top load washer?

Press the Start Stop button once. Rotate the dial until Rinse, Wash, and Stop light illuminate. Turn the washer off and unplug it for 10 seconds. Finally, turn on the washer and it should now be reset.

How do I reset my Whirlpool top load washer?

The first means to reset the top load of the whirlpool washer is to unplug it for about 2 minutes, plug it in, and wait about 30 seconds until the washer starts again. This resets the machine hard and begins after you reconnect it again. Try to run a new cycle – if it’s normal, it will help you confirm.

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