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Readers ask: How many questions are on the NHA CCMA?

The CCMA certification exam is 180 questions (150 scored, 30 pre-test) which are given over the course of a continuous three hours (you don’t have to use the entire three hours, of course). The pretest questions are asked to determine the validity of using the question as a scored item on a future exam.

How many questions do you need to pass the NHA CCMA exam?

A score of 390 or higher are considered passing scores. 150 scored questions, 30 pretest questions.

What is a passing score on the NHA CCMA exam?

A score of 390 or higher are considered passing scores. If a candidate fails the exam, he or she will receive a score report containing a diagnostic breakdown of his or her performance within the major content domains. Candidates who fail the exam must wait at least one month before retaking the exam.

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How many questions are on the CCMA test?

Test takers are given three hours to complete the CCMA certification exam—with no regularly scheduled breaks—and the full exam consists of 180 questions. That includes 150 scored questions and 30 pre-test questions that do not impact the overall score.

What questions are on the NHA CCMA test?

The NHA CCMA exam is made up of 150 questions (plus 30 pre-test questions that are used to gather data).

  • Foundational Knowledge and Basic Science (10%)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (8%)
  • Clinical Patient Care (54%)
  • Patient Care Coordination and Education (5%)
  • Administrative Assisting (13%)

What is the highest score for NHA?

What is the highest score on the NHA phlebotomy exam? A score of 390 is required to pass the exam (NHA scale: 200500).

How can I prepare for NHA exam?

Study the right material. NHA’s online study materials* include: Materials based on the actual exams help you focus your study efforts. Engaging, rich media instructional lessons, practice drills, and case study videos. Practice exams that direct you to content you still need to focus on (Focused Review® remediation)

How hard is it to pass the CCMA exam?

According to the NHA website, the pass rate for the CCMA is 63%, or just over half. This doesn’t mean the exam is incredibly difficult, but it does mean that no one should expect to breeze through without studying. Put in the time to adequately prepare and you can land in that 63% on your first try.

What happens if you fail the NHA CCMA exam?

If you don’t pass your exam after the first or second attempt, you must wait 30 days before you are able to retake the exam. If you do not pass after your third attempt, you must wait 12 months to challenge the exam again. After your fourth attempt, you must wait 12 months between attempts.

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What score do you need to pass the CMAA exam?

What is the passing score for the CMAA exam? Like the NHA’s CCMA exam, a candidate must achieve a scaled score of 390/500 or higher to pass the CMAA exam.

Which section of the CCMA has the most questions?

Clinical Patient Care. This section is the largest on the CCMA exam by far. It will test your knowledge related to topics such as general patient care, infection control, testing and laboratory procedure, phlebotomy, and EKG and cardiovascular testing.

How long does it take to get NHA CCMA results?

NHA will officially post your results within two days of scoring your test. You’ll find these results on your account page. Written exam results will be posted within two weeks.

What is the highest score on the CMA exam?

What’s the Highest Score on the CMA Exam? The CMA exam is scored from 0-500. 500 would be a perfect score. You must get a 360 in order to pass.

Can you use a calculator on the NHA CCMA exam?

There are a few rules in the exam room. On the day of the test, you will not be allowed to bring the following materials into the testing room: Study materials or books. Calculator.

How many times can you take the NAB exam?

Candidates may take the NAB Core of Knowledge Exam (CORE) and/or the NAB Nursing Home Administrator Line of Service Exam (NHA LOS) up to four (4) times in any twelve (12) month period.

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