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Quick Answer: What does the tiger symbolize in The Tiger Rising?

(p. 97) Throughout the book, the caged tiger is a metaphor for Rob’s bottled up feelings. The Tiger Rising, then, is quite an appropriate title because Rob’s character changes as he begins to deal with the feelings that rise up and finally come to the surface at the close of the book.

What are some symbols in the Tiger Rising?

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  • Symbol: Rob’s suitcase. A place to lock up feelings and not think about them.
  • Symbol: The Kentucky Star Motel sign. Sign of good luck- found tiger and Sistine.
  • Symbol: The tiger. Protection- stood over suitcase and protected emotions from escaping.
  • Symbol: The Cage.
  • Symbol: Rob’s rash.

What is the moral of the Tiger Rising?

Summary. The main theme in the book “The Tiger Rising” is friendship and relationships. Rob’s relationships with the main characters in the story are all different. Rob had a strong relationship with his mother and after her death, he keeps all his emotions to himself.

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Is the tiger Real in Tiger Rising?

Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning, twelve-year-old Rob Horton is stunned to encounter a tiger— a real-life, very large tiger —pacing back and forth in a cage. What’s more, on the same extraordinary day, he meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows her feelings as readily as Rob hides his.

What is the main problem in the Tiger Rising?

Conflict. The conflict in tiger rising is when rob sees the tiger is locked in a cage in the middle of the woods,the father ends up killing the tiger.

What does the tiger in the cage symbolize?

The poet is trying to say that the animal which is famous for its fearlessness and freedom is confined and sad due to the human beings who want to derive pleasure by looking at him in the zoo cage.

What is the climax in tiger Rising?

Climax! When Rob and Sistine let the tiger go,Rob’s dad shot the tiger. Willie May told him to. She said she knew that they were going to set the tiger free.

How did Beauchamp get the tiger?

How did Beauchamp get the tiger? A man owed Beauchamp some money and paid him with the tiger.

What kind of person is Rob in tiger Rising?

Rob is a 12-year-old boy who seemed depressed, thoughtless, and curious. One day as he was walking in the woods behind the Kentucky Star Motel, he noticed a tiger way out in the woods. At the beginning Rob was like a “closed suitcase”. He tried not to express his feelings.

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Did Willie may think Rob should free the tiger?

She knew it was not right for anyone to own such big animal. Sistine thought that Willie May would help her tell Rob to open the tiger cage and to let him go. However, Willie May told them that they had to let him be. The tiger had no place being free in the woods.

How did tiger Rising end?

Rob finally relents and releases the tiger, letting it run into the woods. However, just moments later, Rob’s father shoots the tiger dead. At the tiger’s funeral, Sistine recites a part of William Blake’s The Tyger.

Who was Rob’s father’s boss?

In the first chapter, readers learn that Rob lost his mother six months ago; his father has uprooted their lives from Jacksonville to Lister, Fla.; the boy hates school; and his father’s boss, Beauchamp, is keeping a caged wild tiger at Beauchamp’s abandoned gas station.

When and where does the novel The Tiger Rising take place?

1. This story takes place in and around a motel in Lister, Florida. Describe the setting and what Rob Horton and his father are doing there.

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