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Quick Answer: What does Rachel do for Lyddie in Chapter 16?

What does Rachel do for Lyddie? Rachel takes care of Lyddie when she has the fever and makes her feel happy; like Lyddie has a purpose which is to care for Rachel.

What does Lyddie do for Rachel What does Rachel do for Lyddie in Chapter 16?

By chapter 16, Lyddie is taking care of her sister, Rachel, and still working in a factory. She has become a valuable employee to Mr. Marsden. She spends more than two weeks wages and buys Rachel some new clothes and books.

What happens to Rachel in Lyddie?

Rachel goes to live with Charlie at the mill. She is separated from Lyddie when their mother leaves the farm, taking Rachel and Agnes with her.

What happens to Lyddie at the end of Chapter 16?

Lyddie bought Rachel a new dress and a book to help teach her to read. Then, Lyddie paid Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel. By the end, Lyddie couldn’t believe she had spent so much money, but knew that Rachel needed it and she needed to take care of her.

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How does Lyddie change when Rachel comes to live with her?

Lyddie loves Rachel and immediately recognizes her little sister’s helplessness and vulnerability; she is moved to do everything she can to make life better for her. Having Rachel with her to care for increases Lyddie’s burden, but also expands her capacity for sympathy and compassion.

What chapter does Rachel get sick Lyddie?

In chapter 16, Lyddie comes down with a serious fever. She is delirious for two weeks, drifting in and out of consciousness. At various times she knows that Mrs. Bedlow, some residents at the boarding house, Brigid, and Diana are there, spooning broth into her mouth and staying by her bedside.

Why was Lyddie worried about Rachel in this chapter?

Why has Lyddie become worried about Rachel in chapter 17? Rachel has developed a very bad cough that wakes her up at night. The factory owner has agreed to allow Rachel to work a very dangerous job at the mill. Rachel gets a fever and can no longer remember her name or the people around her.

How old is Rachel in Lyddie?

Lyddie is thirteen years old, and Charles is ten. Rachel is six, and the baby, Agnes, is only four (Chapter 1). The children are living with their Mama in a small cabin in rural Vermont.

Is Lyddie black?

Lyddie, a poor white girl in Vermont, is a slave because of financial circumstances. Her father has accrued much debt, and she has been hired out at the tavern to help pay it off. In her inability to determine her own destiny, she is very much a slave.

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Why does Uncle Judah bring Rachel to Lyddie?

Uncle Judah brought Rachel to Lyddie because he wished to relinquish responsibility for Lyddie’s little sister. He claimed that the responsibility of caring for Mrs. Worthen and Rachel was too heavy for his wife, Clarissa. Uncle Judah informed Lyddie of his intentions in Chapter 15.

How and why did Lyddie start Rachel as a doffer?

Lyddie started Rachel as a doffer because Rachel was too young to work in the loom room.

What happened to Rachel once she had been working at the factory for a while?

Unfortunately, despite Rachel’s positive attitude about working at the factory, the job takes its toll on her health. She develops a cough, and Lyddie fears that it will become a serious health issue for Rachel like it did for Betsy.

Why can’t Lyddie have Rachel live with her?

Lyddie suggests that Rachel could work for the factory as a doffer, and in that case, she would be allowed to stay. Mrs. Bedlow replies that Rachel is not old enough nor physically strong enough to do even the easiest jobs at the factory.

How does Lyddie feel about Rachel leaving with Charlie cite evidence?

Lyddie feels sad when Charlie leaves, because she will miss him and Rachel. Since their mother left, Lyddie has been alone most of the time. When Charles tells her that he has a new family and offers to take Rachel, Lyddie feels lonely. Her hope had always been to get the family back together again.

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