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Quick Answer: Is RabbitMQ persistent?

The RabbitMQ persistence layer is intended to provide reasonably good throughput in the majority of situations without configuration. However, some configuration is sometimes useful.

Are message queues persistent?

Depending on the use case, message queues can give various guarantees on message persistence and delivery. For some use-cases, it is enough to have an in-memory, volatile message queue.

How do I make my RabbitMQ queue persistent?

Create a durable queue by specifying durable as true during creation of your queue. You can check in the RabbitMQ Management UI, in the queue tab that the queue is marked with a “D” to ensure that the queue is durable.

Does RabbitMQ maintain order?

Message Ordering RabbitMQ provides few guarantees regarding the ordering of messages sent to a queue or exchange. While it may seem evident that consumers process messages in the order in which producers sent them, this is very misleading.

Is RabbitMQ at least once delivery?

Both Kafka and RabbitMQ offer at-most-once and at-least-once delivery guarantees. Kafka provides exactly-once delivery between producer to the broker using idempotent producers ( enable.

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Is SQS persistent?

SQS: Messages are persisted for some duration is no consumer available. The retention period value is from 1 minute to 14 days. The default is 4 days. SNS: No persistence.

What is difference between RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ?

ActiveMQ is used in enterprise projects to store multiple instances and supports clustering environments based on the JMS messaging specification. RabbitMQ is a message broker which is executed in low-level AMQP protocol and acts as an intermediator between two application in the communication process.

Are RabbitMQ messages persistent?

Persistent messages will be written to disk as soon as they reach the queue, while transient messages will be written to disk only so that they can be evicted from memory while under memory pressure. Persistent messages are also kept in memory when possible and only evicted from memory under memory pressure.

What is persistent in RabbitMQ?

Persistence means in case the broker suddenly stops for some reason, our messages should be able to be recovered on the next restart. But the gotcha is — in order to persist messages, RabbitMQ has to sync all messages to the disk before even it’s processed, so it is bounded by the performance of disk I/O.

Is RabbitMQ a FIFO?

Queues in RabbitMQ are FIFO (“first in, first out”). Some queue features, namely priorities and requeueing by consumers, can affect the ordering as observed by consumers.

Why RabbitMQ is better than Kafka?

Kafka is ideal for big data use cases that require the best throughput, while RabbitMQ is ideal for low latency message delivery, guarantees on a per-message basis, and complex routing.

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Is RabbitMQ Atomic?

AMQP guarantees atomicity only when transactions involve a single queue. RabbitMQ provides no atomicity guarantees even in case of transactions involving just a single queue, e.g. a fault during commit can result in a sub-set of the transaction’s publishes appearing in the queue a er a broker restart.

Is Kafka exactly-once?

Initially, Kafka only supported at-most-once and at-least-once message delivery. However, the introduction of Transactions between Kafka brokers and client applications ensures exactly-once delivery in Kafka.

Can RabbitMQ lost messages?

When the producer sends messages to the RabbitMQ server, if the RabbitMQ server stops service, the message will be lost. Consumers get the data stored in the queue from the RabbitMQ server for consumption, but the consumer program fails or fails to consume correctly, resulting in data loss.

Is RabbitMQ fire and forget?

After all, your experience so far with RabbitMQ has been fire-and-forget.

What happens when RabbitMQ is down?

I need to know how to save my events if RabbitMQ goes down. In detail: The messages that RabbitMQ publish are persistent. When the message broker goes down, the events are not published and I am planning to store these events in a database and publish them again to RabbitMQ when it is up.

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