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Question: Can you put pavers over River Rock?

Remodel pavers, which are 1-inch thick tile; colored concrete; or patterned concrete could be applied over the secure river rock or stripped-down underlying concrete surface. The overflow can be installed at the waterline in the tile, directly to the pool wall without tile or at the back of the skimmer.

Can you put pavers on top of river rock?

Structurally they are fine to go over the river rock deck. The installer will use a thin bed of leveling sand or screenings under the pavers.

Can you put pavers over rocks?

Certainly you can even make it deep enough and pound it flat so the pavers can be laid level. Sand makes it easier.

Can you pour concrete over River rock?

River rock is fine, since it drains well, and the rock itself will not settle once it is minimally compacted. If you are concerned about strength, you can ask the contractor to fill the voids in the river rock with coarse sand, and then compact the sand/rock mix. Very strong.

How do you cover up river rocks?

Acrylic paint over a texture is one option. A top or skim coat would be applied onto the river rock after it is pressure washed. This skim coat fills in the voids in the river rock and allows the skim coat to be formed into a smooth surface. Then a knockdown texture is applied, followed by two coats of acrylic color.

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How do you insert river rock in concrete?

Combine 1 part cement with 3 parts of the sand in a wheelbarrow and mix it thoroughly. In a separate bucket, combine the polymer and water. Add enough of this solution into the mortar to create the right consistency. Spread the mortar in a ½-inch layer onto the concrete wall, and smooth it with a wet trowel.

Can you sprinkle cement over gravel?

Cement mix might work in some cases over an existing gravel driveway. Laying a concrete driveway over an existing gravel one is possible, but it is not generally recommended. The kind of gravel that is intended to go under cement is typically a smaller grade than what is used for gravel driveways.

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