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Often asked: What nationality is Marion Cotillard?

Marion Cotillard, (born September 30, 1975, Paris, France), French actress whose Academy Award-winning performance as Edith Piaf in La Môme (2007; also released as La Vie en rose) propelled her to international fame.

Is Marion Cotillard Canadian?

listen); born 30 September 1975) is a French actress and musician. Her breakthrough came in the successful French film Taxi (1998), which earned her a César Award nomination.

What languages does Marion Cotillard speak?

Personal life Cotillard currently lives with her partner Guillaume Canet. Many reports say the couple prefer to live in a simple lifestyle, and they are often spotted in cafes and shopping together in Paris.

How many siblings does Marion Cotillard have?

Arguably the most famous Italian actress of them all, Sophia Loren had a similar entry into the world of film as Mangano but the two were very different, both in terms of their background and temperament.

Did Marion Cotillard do her own singing?

As the glamorous soprano Ann Desfranoux, Cotillard reminds audiences of her already lovely singing voice as established in films like her Oscar-winning “La Vie en Rose” and the Fellini-inspired musical “Nine.” She also has a music career of her own, having written and performed songs for a number of other films.

Does Marion Cotillard siblings?

Cotillard had a total of 20 pages of Polish dialogue in her Immigrant script. She admits, though, she didn’t actually learn to speak the language, only to mimic Polish words with correct pronunciation. As she explained to Vulture: “ I didn’t learn Polish. I really just learned phonetics.

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How did Marion Cotillard learn English?

The Dark Knight Rises star explains how she learned the English language. Marion Cotillard has admitted that it was quite a challenge to learn English. And I worked for four months, every day, with a dialect coach, and I improved my English a lot.

Where is Penelope Cruz from?

Following is a list of all the songs from La Vie en Rose in the order that Édith (Marion Cotillard) sang them. Except where noted, they were taken from actual recordings made by Édith Piaf. La Marseillaise* is sung when 10-year-old Édith (played by Pauline Burlet) is told by her father to sing something.

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