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Often asked: What is the default event of a TextBox control?

The default event for a TextBox is the Change event.

Which is the default event of TextBox control in asp net?

By default, the TextMode property of the control is set to TextBoxMode. SingleLine, which displays a single-line text box. However, you can also use the TextBox control to display a multiline text box or a text box that masks user input by changing the value of the TextMode property to TextBoxMode.

What is a text box control?

A TextBox control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text. VB.Net programmers make extensive use of the TextBox control to let the user view or enter large amount of text. In a text box, a user can type data or paste it into the control from the clipboard.

What are text box controls in Access?

The text box is the standard control in Access used for viewing and editing data on forms and reports. Many different types of data can be displayed in text boxes, and you can also use them to perform calculations.

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What is TextBox control in asp net?

ASP.NET Web Forms TextBox. This is an input control which is used to take user input. To create TextBox either we can write code or use the drag and drop facility of visual studio IDE. This is server side control, asp provides own tag to create it.

What is TextBox in VB net?

A TextBox control is used to display, accept the text from the user as an input, or a single line of text on a VB.NET Windows form at runtime. Furthermore, we can add multiple text and scroll bars in textbox control. However, we can set the text on the textbox that displays on the form.

What is use of TextBox control?

The TextBox control is generally used for editable text, although it can also be made read-only. Text boxes can display multiple lines, wrap text to the size of the control, and add basic formatting. The TextBox control allows a single format for text displayed or entered in the control.

Which is not event of the label control?

In VB.NET, a label control is used to display descriptive text for the form in control. It does not participate in user input or keyboard or mouse events. Also, we cannot rename labels at runtime. The labels are defined in the class System.

Which is not a property of TextBox control?

Option “A” is the correct answer i.e. captions. Text Box controls do not allow the Caption property. The Text property embraces text for Text Box controls.

What is a TextBox object?

This object represents a text box control on a form or report. Text boxes are used to display data from a record source, display the results of a calculation, or accept input from a user.

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What is a VBA TextBox?

VBA TextBox is one of the many controls from UserForm controls in Excel. VBA TextBox can come handy when you want to have input from user like their name, age, address, salary, etc. Using TextBox control, you can allow users to input this kind of information and save many of your time as well as typo errors.

What is the use of text box in the form?

A text box is an object you can add to your document that lets you put and type text anywhere in your file. Text boxes can be useful for drawing attention to specific text and can also be helpful when you need to move text around in your document.

What are the property of TextBox control?

TextBox Properties ScrollBars – for adding scrollbars, both vertical and horizontal. Multiline– to set the TextBox Control to allow multiple lines. MaxLength– for specifying the maximum character number the TextBox Control will accept. Index– for specifying the index of control array.

What is the difference between TextBox and label control?

In terms of Visual Studio Windows Form Applications, A Label is a control which is used to display some text onto the form whereas, A TextBox control is used to input data from the user.

Which of the following property is only applicable for TextBox control?

You can also restrict all entry of data in a TextBox control by setting the ReadOnly property to true. Most of the functionality of the TextBox control is inherited from the TextBoxBase class.

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