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Often asked: How many seasons of The Love Boat are there?

The Love Boat
No. of seasons 9 + 5 specials
No. of episodes 250 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Aaron Spelling Douglas S. Cramer


Why was The Love Boat Cancelled?

The show ended due to slipping ratings in its latter seasons. It rated in the top 20, and its highest-ever rating was in the top 5. Things that could be attributed to the cancellation of the show, the budget blowing out, many of the cast leaving, and the expenses.

How many seasons of The Love Boat were there?

“The Love Boat” went on to realize phenomenal success, continuing for 10 seasons until 1987 as one of the highest-rated prime-time television shows in the country.

Was Love Boat filmed on a real cruise ship?

THE SHOW WAS FILMED ON REAL BOATS WITH ACTUAL PASSENGERS. To make the boat come alive, the production shot on two real cruise ships: The Pacific Princess and Island Princess. Filming aboard an actual ship wasn’t the norm, though.

When was The Love Boat Cancelled?

Gavin MacLeod, the actor who starred on the classic sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and captained The Love Boat, has died at the age of 90. MacLeod’s nephew Mark See confirmed the actor’s May 29th death to Variety. While no cause of death was provided, See noted that MacLeod’s health had declined in recent months.

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What was Lauren Tewes Last Love Boat episode?

The Expedition /Julie’s Wedding/The Mongala/Julie’s Replacement/The Three R’s/The Professor’s Wife: Part 1.

How old is Ted?

Fans of The Love Boat might wonder if they can also rewatch old episodes through that streaming service. But Netflix doesn’t carry it. Luckily, the series is streaming through the CBS website. It requires a subscription, but you can get a free trial for seven days.

Is actor Gavin Macleod dead?

MS Pacific (known as Sea Venture from 1971 to 1975, Pacific Princess from 1975 to 2002, and simply Pacific from 2002 to 2013) was a cruise ship owned and operated by the Brazil-based Viagens CVC. She was built for Flagship Cruises in 1971 by the company Nordseewerke in Emden, West Germany, and named Sea Venture.

Who guest starred the most on Love Boat?

Finally, we were curious to see which famous classic TV stars turned up on The Love Boat during the series run the most (not including movies and specials), and hands down the trophy goes to The Brady Bunch’s Florence Henderson (appearing 9 times!).

Is Vicki Captain Stubing’s biological daughter?

Vicki is Captain Stubing’s biological daughter but he had to adopt her for some reason.

How old is Lauren Tewes?

68 years (October 26, 1953)

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