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Often asked: How do you make a rapids appointment?

RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler User Guide – Schedule Your Military ID Card Appointment Online. Can’t Access the RAPIDS Website? Contact the DMDC Support Center (DSC) User Help Desk at 1-800-477-8227. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I schedule a rapids appointment?

For RAPIDS Site Locations and Appointments Please visit ID Card Office Online at: / or contact the Appointment Scheduler mail box: [email protected]

What is a rapids site?

The Defense Manpower Data Center has put together a fabulous website to help you locate and find information about where you can renew or obtain new military IDS. The RAPIDS website supports military ID services for all branches of the military, including: Army. Army Reserve.

What do I need to bring to my CAC appointment?

When you go to a RAPIDS site, you must bring the following items:

  1. Two forms of ID in original form.
  2. A six (6) to eight (8) digit number to use as a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  3. Your government unclassified email address if you use a government computer.
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What do I need to get a new military ID?

At least one form of ID must be a valid state or federal government-issued picture identification (for example, passport, driver’s license, or current DoD ID card). If you are a dependent, you must provide a completed DD Form 1172-2 and two forms of ID in original form.

Can I get my military ID online?

You may obtain a military ID through ID Card Office Online or in person at a at any Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) site. In order to receive your first military ID card, you must first be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System, or DEERS.

Is expired military ID still valid?

Under the latest guidance, dependents of active-duty, Guard and Reserve members whose ID cards expired before July 31, 2021, have until Oct. 31, 2021, to get a new ID card.

How do I schedule an appointment for my military ID?

Save time by making an online appointment. Visit the Appointment Scheduler at Remember to bring 2 forms of government issued Identification. If you need to locate your nearest Identification office, use the DEERS/RAPIDS Site Locator at /

Where do I go to get my military ID renewed?

You can apply to the Department of Defense to renew or replace your military ID online using the ID Card Office Online.

Can I get on base with an expired military ID?

Per direction of Headquarters Air Force, effective immediately, installations may accept an expired DoD Common Access Card or Uniformed Services ID Card (such as those issued to dependents or retirees) as long as the printed expiration date is January 1, 2020 or later.

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Can you smile in CAC photo?

When you get new ID cards, you have to take new photos. He’s like, “In military photos, you can’t SMILE.”

Is a CAC card a military ID?

Common Access Card (CAC) The CAC, a “smart” card about the size of a credit card, is the standard identification for active duty uniformed Service personnel, Selected Reserve, DoD civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel.

Do you get military ID before basic training?

How To Get A Military ID Card. In order to obtain a military ID card, you must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Your initial entry into this system may happen at Basic Training or at your first assignment.

Do you have to be in uniform for military ID?

All military members in uniform or civilians clothing must comply with service grooming standards. Note: AD, Selected Reserve, and Participating IRR members must also be within service dress and appearance standards when in uniform.

How do I get on base without a military ID?

If you need to enter a base and do not have a DoD I.D., or do not have an escort, you will need to visit the base’s visitor center. Visitor centers are usually located near the main gate. If you are a non-military caregiver you can get on base accompanied by a child in possession of a valid military identification.

Can I get a military ID if my dad is retired?

A retired military ID card is issued to military retirees and eligible family members. Eligible family members must renew their ID card periodically, usually every four years. Here is how retirees and eligible family members can renew their military ID card.

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