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Quick Answer: What Is The Average Price For Granite Countertops Installed??

You can purchase slab granite countertops for $40 to $60 per square foot, while you can get granite tile for $5 to $15 per square foot.

On average, homeowners spend $2,000 to $4,500 on installation and materials to install a granite countertop.

What is the best countertop for your money?

Bang-For-Your-Buck Kitchen Countertop Materials

  • Quartz. Quartz has become popular with thanks to its durability and low maintenance.
  • Granite.
  • Marble.
  • Laminate.
  • Solid Surfacing.
  • Slate.
  • Recycled Glass.
  • Wooden Butcher Block.

What is a cheaper alternative to granite countertops?

Fortunately, there are plenty of other choices that offer beauty, durability, and a great return on your investment. Check out these nine popular granite alternative countertops to find the one that fits your style and budget.

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  1. Marble.
  2. Quartz.
  3. Wood.
  4. Tile.
  5. Stainless Steel.
  6. Concrete.
  7. Laminate.
  8. Sintered Stone.

What is the cheapest kitchen countertop?

The cheapest kitchen countertop alternatives to granite are quartz, granite tile or a recycled solid surface. Granite remains the most popular kitchen counter material in use today.

How much will it cost to put granite countertops in my kitchen?

Expect granite countertop prices to range between $45 and $200 per square foot, including installation. One way to cut down on granite countertops’ price is to opt for a thinner slab—use a 3/4-inch-thick stone instead of the typical 1-1/4 inches.

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How much does a full slab of granite cost?

The average expense of a granite slab is more, ranging between $45 and $200 per square foot, including installation. The price of a slab can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including the quality of the stone, the thickness of it, the design of the countertop, and the size of the countertops.

Which countertop is easiest to maintain?

Top 5 Low Maintenance Countertop Surface Options

  • Laminate. A laminate countertop surface has many advantages.
  • Recycled Glass. This is a relatively new product.
  • Solid Surface. There are a variety of solid surface types with Corian and Soapstone among the bestselling and highest-rated.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Quartz.

What is the most affordable kitchen countertop?

Cheap and Discount Countertops

  1. Laminate Counters: Learn to Love Laminates.
  2. Ceramic Tile: Classic Do-It-Yourself Countertop.
  3. Tile Granite: Slab Granite’s Feel and Look.
  4. Wood: Great Looks, Low Cost, High Maintenance.
  5. Modular Engineered Stone: Little-Known “Slab Granite” Alternative.
  6. Solid Surface: Increasingly Cheaper, DIY Option.
  7. Why so Expensive?

What is the whitest granite you can get?

Look no further than white granite countertops. In addition to uniquely brightening up a living space, white granite counters add elegance with no sacrifice of durability.

12 Trending White Granite Colors in 2018

  • Alaska White.
  • Alps White.
  • Andino White.
  • Colonial White.
  • New River White.
  • Moon White.
  • Mystic Spring.
  • Salinas White.

What is the best alternative to granite countertops?

Here are 8 of our favorites.

  1. Butcher block. Gets my vote for The Next Big Thing.
  2. Marble. Pros: Gorgeous.
  3. Soapstone. This dark stone with light veining has a beautiful, old-world feel.
  4. Engineered stone (or Quartz).
  5. Stainless Steel.
  6. Concrete.
  7. Tile.
  8. Granite.
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What is an alternative to granite countertops?

Engineered stone countertops, like Cesarstone and Silestone, are made of little bits of quartz mixed with a binder and then molded into countertop shapes. The result is something that looks like stone and is super-durable. If you like the look but not the maintenance of marble, this might be good choice for you.

Is it expensive to replace countertops?

Marble countertop installation costs $3,000 on average. The quality affects the price of the material, which runs from $15 to as much as $190 per square foot. For most types, you can expect a typical range of $25 to $60 per square foot.

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