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Quick Answer: What Appliances Should Be On A Dedicated Circuit??

Appliances drawing enough power to require their own circuit include ovens, stoves, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and hot tubs.

Some garbage disposals, space heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers and garbage disposals also might require enough wattage to demand separate circuits.

Does a kitchen hood need a dedicated circuit?

1) Code does not require a dedicated circuit for a range hood. However, the range hood can not be spliced or shared with the kitchen countertop receptacle circuits.

How many outlets can be placed on a 20 amp circuit?

10 receptacles

How many can lights on one circuit?

You can put up to 30 lights (based on 50 watt light) on a 15 amp breaker. You can put up to 40 lights (based on 50 watt light) on a 20 amp breaker.

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