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FAQ: What is a long e word?

The combination of the vowels “i” and “e” can result in the long e sound, e.g., achieve, belief, chief, field, priest, piece and siege. Open Syllable Rule – Long E. An open syllable occurs when a vowel is at the end of the syllable (it is not closed by a consonant). We provided examples below.

What is long e?

The Long E sounds is a long vowel sound. Long vowel sounds are vowel sounds pronounced the same as the name of the letter. Each vowel has a long vowel sound (Long A, Long E, Long I, Long O, Long U). In English, long vowel sounds are usually the easiest vowel sounds to learn.

What starts with long e?

The words are wheel, sheep, tepee, seal, leaf, needle, peas, meat, queen, key. Or go to the answers. Circle 10 words that start with the long E sound. The words are eagle, ear, earmuffs, equal, electric guitar, eel, eat, eleven, easel, and east.

Is real a long e word?

“Long e” is the most common sound represented by ea: read, zeal, appeal, deal, meal, real. (The spelling ea can also represent two other vowel sounds.) That man is filled with conceit. This ei spelling for “long e” occurs in words in which the ei follows the letter c: ceiling, conceit, perceive, receipt, receive.

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Which word has a long a sound ending in e?

The word “made” is pronounced with a long A sound because the E at the end tying the sound together.

How do you type a long e in Word?

Insert a Long Vowel Symbol On the Symbols tab, click the Font drop-down arrow and select “(normal text),” then click the Subset drop-down arrow and select ” Latin Extended-A.” Scroll down slowly through the Symbol gallery until you find the long vowel symbol you’re looking for.

What is long e and short e?

Vowel sounds can be long or short. Long vowels can be made with a single letter or a digraph (two letters making one sound). The sound of e in bed is a short vowel sound. The sound of ee in feet is a long vowel sound.

How do you write long e?

Common ‘long e’ /i/ spellings

  1. ee. The ‘ee’ spelling can occur in the middle or end of a word.
  2. ea. The ‘ea’ spelling can be used to spell the ‘long e’ /i/ or ‘short e’ /ɛ/ (as in the word ‘dead’ /dɛd/).
  3. ie_e. a.
  4. ie.
  5. 5. –
  6. -e.

Is red long E or short e?

Some examples of Short Vowel “e” Words are: bed, beg, fed, gem, get, hen, hem, jet, led, leg, let, men, met, net, pen, peg, pet, red, set, ten, yet, wet. The following diagram shows some examples of short E and long E words.

Is pen long E or short e?

Circle 10 words that have a short E sound. The words are ten, pen, jet, web, nest, net, pencil, envelope, leg, vest.

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Is me a short e word?

The short e is a relatively quick, relaxed sound. Repeat the /ɛ/ sound after me: (short e). Our /ɛ/ key word is bed, bed.

What word has ee?


  • disagreement.
  • housekeeping.
  • subcommittee.
  • volunteerism.
  • peacekeeping.
  • freestanding.
  • screenwriter.
  • disagreeable.

What are some ey words?


  • surveying.
  • honeymoon.
  • graveyard.
  • greyhound.
  • honeycomb.
  • keystroke.
  • hackneyed.
  • eyestrain.

What is a long vowel word?

Long vowels are those in which the sounds of the letters A, E, I, O, and U match the spoken name of the letter. They are usually taught from preschool through the first grade. Oftentimes, a word with a short vowel is transformed into a long vowel by placing a silent letter “e” at the end of the word.

Is love a silent e word?

They start to see words all around them, such as horse, love, and puddle, in which Silent E doesn’t make the preceding vowel long …and then they start to doubt what they are being taught. Some students are naturally intuitive when it comes to language patterns, and they can fill in the gaps and move on.

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