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Can I plant my hanging fern?

Ferns thrive in moist, shady outdoor areas, but the lush green foliage can also grow well in a hanging pot either indoors or outdoors. Plant the fern in a hanging pot with drainage holes that provides plenty of room for the roots.

Can you plant hanging ferns in the ground?

Whether you plant them in a hanging basket or grow them as a groundcover, ferns bring tropical ambiance to any home shade garden. As long as you have a moist and shady environment, ferns provide an easy way to spruce up your garden with layers of green texture.

Can all ferns be planted outside?

Most hardy garden ferns thrive best in a shady or part shaded area, and many will grow happily in full sun. As a general rule, if you have a partially shaded spot, which does not get too dry in the summer, then you will be able to grow the majority of hardy ferns successfully. Ferns may be evergreen or deciduous.

Can you plant a fern stem?

After they develop a tangle of tiny roots and 3 or 4 small fronds of their own, you can gently pull them off their skinny stems. To give the baby ferns a good start, plant them in 3- to 5-inch pots filled with potting soil that drains easily. Be careful not to bury the crowns.

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How do you take care of a fern hanging basket?

Ferns in hanging baskets tend to dry out quickly and require more frequent watering, especially during the summer months. Be careful not to overwater during the winter. Feed a fern in a hanging container every month during spring and summer using a balanced, water soluble fertilizer mixed to half strength.

When can I hang ferns outside?

They grow best when temperatures reach no higher than 75 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night. A temperature of 95 degrees or higher may kill a Boston fern. Outdoors they should be placed in a sheltered spot where the temperature does not get this hot.

Where is the best place to plant ferns?

Most ferns prefer a shady location, but they don’t do well in deep shade. The dabbled shade provided by tree branches provide the best conditions. Think about how they grow in the forest and try and find similar conditions in your yard.

Do ferns come back every year?

Ferns are perennial plants, which means that they grow back every year. As long as your fern is healthy, you do not need to worry that cutting it back will hurt it or prevent it from growing back the following spring. On the contrary, you will be helping the plant by directing all of its energy towards its new growth.

Are ferns good outdoor plants?

Ferns thrive in moist, shady outdoor areas, but the lush green foliage can also grow well in a hanging pot either indoors or outdoors. Hang the fern in a bright area where it receives indirect light. Harsh, direct sunlight can damage the fern fronds.

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Can you divide ferns?

Division. It can take up to ten years for a genuine ‘split’ or ‘multiple crown’ to develop. Many nursery-raised containerised plants consist of multiple plants that were initially pricked out and potted up in clumps. Tease apart mature crowns with two back-to-back forks and pot up immediately or plant out.

How do you grow ferns from roots?


  1. Loosen the soil to a depth of 12”.
  2. Dig a small hole deep enough for the roots, and position the plant so the crown (where the roots meet the stem) is about a half-inch below the soil surface.
  3. Cover the roots with soil and water well.

Can I divide ferns in summer?

Late summer or early fall is an ideal time for splitting plants, as it allows enough time for new growth to begin before the plants need to be brought indoors.

What can I do with fern stolons?

Boston fern runners, or stolons, may be removed from a mature parent plant by taking the offset whose runners have formed roots where they come into contact with the soil. Thus, the Boston fern shoots create a new separate plant.

Can ferns grow in water only?

Yes you can grow ferns in water only, it is fairly easy as long as they are getting proper sunlight and nutrients.

How do you collect fern spores?

To gather the spores, pick a frond or portion of a frond and place it between two sheets of white paper. If ripe, the spores should drop within 24 hours and will leave a pattern on the paper. Frequently, chaff will drop as well, and this must be removed before sowing.

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