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Why is yubaba baby so big?

Why does she have a gigantic baby? Yubaba has a giant baby because everyone has a grating weakness they find difficult to manage. Whatever Zeniba’s seal represents, Yubaba wants it because she’s greedy and grasping for power.

How old is Yubaba’s baby?

The scene where No-Face goes berserk is quite frightening. Yubaba is mean and greedy but shows her soft side towards her giant baby Boh. Also the main character is a child ( 10-years old ) is being imprisoned for most of the movie in a strange ghost world.

What does boh represent in Spirited Away?

“Boh” means little boy or son, “Kamaji” means old boiler man, “Yubaba” means bathhouse witch, and “Zeniba” means money witch. The heroine “Chihiro” means a thousand fathoms or searches, while her worker name, “Sen” just means thousand.

Why does Yubaba turn into a bird?

Yubaba turns into a bird to keep a close watch on her dominion, and when she flies, she resembles a military plane. Haku flies primarily to carry out secret missions for Yubaba. On one of these missions he is attacked by Zeniba’s paper birds, which bring him down and nearly kill him.

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How did Chihiro know the pigs weren’t her parents?

The letter also says the reason Chihiro knew none of the pigs at the end of the film were her parents was not because she had “obtained special abilities” in the spirit world. After all the things she’s experienced up to that point, Chihiro simply knows that her parents aren’t there.

Why did Haku tell Chihiro not to look back?

In my vantage point, Haku told Chihiro not to look back because she would’ve been somehow stuck between the two dimensions. If not that, Haku just probably didn’t want her to remember looking back at his face while she was leaving the spiritual world.

Why did Haku steal the seal?

The seal was stolen by Haku. He acted on behalf of the Witch Yubaba. Because of this order, Haku (as Dragon Ryuu) was almost killed. Then Zeniba laughs brightly and explains that the worm was a parasite implanted into Haku by her sister Yubaba in order to control him.

What did the stink spirit give Chihiro?

After pulling a bicycle (among countless other man-made artifacts) from his body, the River Spirit shows gratitude by giving Chihiro a famous, emetic herbs medicine and leaves the bathhouse happily in his original form, leaving a generous amount of gold as tips for the workers.

Who is the rat in spirited away?

Bôh is a character in the 2001 animated Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away.

What does no face want from Chihiro?

No-Face becomes obsessed with Chihiro, and wants her to see her and her only. He becomes extremely volatile after being fed the Unnamed River Spirit’s emetic dumpling by Chihiro, and, while fleeing from the obviously now-hostile spirit, she calls out to him twice to follow her.

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What was Zeniba’s spell on Haku?

Cursing: Zeniba had the ability to cast magical enchantments or spells designed to cause negative effects to occur – during her and Chihiro’s first meeting, she revealed that she had placed a dying curse on the seal that Haku stole, and it was subsequently confirmed by Kamaji, who observed that Haku was dying due to

How did Chihiro know the dragon was Haku?

Over the course of the movie his relationship with Chihiro becomes stronger, especially after she learns he is a dragon. Haku was originally the spirit of the Kohaku River and knows Chihiro because he once saved her from drowning.

Is no face evil?

The second main character of this film is not a hero. Nor is No-Face a villain. The spirit is somewhere in-between. The main time No-Face becomes evil is when it eats a dark spirit.

Is yubaba based on Baba Yaga?

Inspiration. Yubaba is strict to her employees like the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Her name Yubaba sounds like Baba Yaga, a witch from a Russian fairy tale. She has also many similarities to the mountain witch Yamauba.

Are yubaba and Zeniba the same person?

The twin sisters Yubaba and Zeniba teach Chihiro that good and evil both exist in the world, and often exist within the same person. While Yubaba represents evil and can be quite scary, she also honors her word and is scrupulously honest in her business dealings.

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