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What does Reverend Sykes collect money for?

During the service, Reverend Sykes takes up a collection for Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen, who cannot find work now that her husband has been accused of rape. After the service, Scout learns that Tom Robinson has been accused by Bob Ewell and cannot understand why anyone would believe the Ewells’ word.

Who is Reverend Sykes collecting $10 for?

Reverend Sykes has the congregation collect money for Tom Robinson’s family. They will continue to collect for his family for the next three weeks as well. He won’t let anyone leave until they have collected $10.

How does Reverend Sykes handle the shortage of money?

How does Reverend Sykes handle the shortage of money that he was collecting for Helen Robinson (Tom’s wife)? He accepts that there isn’t enough. He yells at the congregation. He makes everybody contribute extra money.

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Why does Calpurnia’s church need to raise money for Helen Robinson?

The church must collect ten dollars to give to Helen Robinson, Tom Robinson’s wife. Because Tom is in jail, and she has children to care for, she is in dire need of financial help.

How does Reverend Sykes help?

How does Reverend Sykes help the children see and hear the trial? He takes the children (Jem, Scout, & Dill) up into the balcony where only the black people are allowed to be. He did this because the “white section” on the first floor was full. Atticus told the children not to go to the trial and to stay at home.

How much money is Rev Sykes attempting to raise Who is the money for?

How much money was reverend Sykes attempting to raise for Helen Robinson? He’s raising it for Helen Robinson. And it’s either $10 $20 or $30.

What does Calpurnia say aggravates?

What does Scout notice about the way Calpurnia speaks when she is around members of her own community? Calpurnia explains, ” It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike- in the second place, folks don’t like to have somebody around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em.

What technique did Reverend Sykes use to get more money?

Her boyfriend wanted to meet the kids. What technique did Reverend Sykes use to get more money donated to Helen Robinson? Closed the church doors until the people donated a total of $10. Put $10 out of his pocket to meet the donation goal and put it into the can.

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Why is there a special collection of money for Helen Robinson How much money does Reverend Sykes ask for?

This collection of money is “to help her out at home.” After the collection is taken, Reverend Sykes tells his congregation that they do not have enough money yet. He then explains that Helen has children at home. She cannot leave them home alone so that she can work.

What kind of flowers did Jem rip out of MS Dubose yard?

Jem destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s flower garden because he is tired of hearing what she has to say about Atticus. Jem decides to destroy the flower garden with Scout’s new baton as well as kick her, and pull her hair. Once Jem was done, the Camllia bushes were spreader everywhere.

Why does it surprise Scout and Jem when Atticus shoots Tim Johnson?

Atticus shoots the mad dog in chapter 10 and surprises his children, who were under the impression that he was a talentless, boring person. Because of their negative perception of Atticus, Jem and Scout are astonished when Sheriff Tate hands Atticus his rifle, and Atticus kills the rabid dog in one shot.

Who is the church collection for?

In many Baptist and Methodist churches, a collection plate or collection basket is often used during the offertory to gather the gifts of the faithful (tithes and alms) for the support of the church and for charity. These are then brought into the chancel.

Why does the Rev Sykes welcome Scout and Jem to church?

Reverend Sykes even makes an announcement to publicly welcome Scout and Jem. He notes how they all know Atticus, and the unspoken gesture suggests that they respect Atticus. So, overall, Scout and Jem are greeted with open arms at First Purchase. Only Lula thinks that churches should be absolutely segregated.

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Who is the first purchase church raising money for in this section?

In Chapter 12, Scout and Jem visit First Purchase African M.E. Church for Sunday service with Calpurnia. Following the sermon, Reverend Sykes requests the morning offering, and the congregation put their coins into a coffee can.

Is Reverend Sykes black?

As minister of First Purchase Church, Reverend Sykes is an authority figure in Maycomb’s African-American community. When Scout, Jem, and Dill watch the Robinson trial from the “colored” balcony, Reverend Sykes is the only African-American person who speaks to them or who is even named.

Why do the kids sit upstairs with Reverend Sykes?

No white person on the main floor offered seats. It is in Chapter 16 that Reverend Sykes invites the children to sit with him upstairs in the “Colored balcony ” because all the seats are taken downstairs where the white people sit. He asks them if they think it would be all right if they came upstairs with him.

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