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What do you feed a newborn foal?

Foals this age will nibble dry feed, so provide Purina® Omolene® #300, Strategy® GX or Ultium® Growth horse feed in small meals throughout the day. They should be eating a minimum of 1 pound of dry feed per month of age per day, and nibbling small amounts of grass or hay in addition to milk replacer.

What do newborn foals eat?

Foals Enjoy Grass in a Week After Birth By the time they are about 10 days old, they’ll start to eat a bit of grass and hay. By two months, the foal will need more nutrition than mare’s milk alone can provide.

What do baby horses eat when they are born?

Baby horses eat milk by suckling on their mother’s teats. In the first few weeks of life, the foal will suckle more frequently. A healthy foal will drink from its mother as often as every ten minutes and up to 15 liters a day. The milk contains everything a foal needs to grow quickly during the first few weeks.

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What milk can you feed a foal?

Both cow’s and goat’s milk have been used successfully to feed orphan foals, but neither is an ideal solution. Both are more concentrated than mare’s milk; they have about twice the fat, and one-half as much lactose (milk sugar). But both are similar in terms of protein (about 25-27%) and mineral content.

How do you feed orphaned foals?

Mare’s milk replacers and goat’s milk have also been used successfully to feed orphan foals. Foals should be fed every 1–2 hours for the first 1–2 days of life, then every 2–4 hours for the next 2 weeks at the rate of 250–500 mL per feeding, using a warmed milk container and an artificial nipple.

What should you feed foals?


  1. Provide high-quality roughage (hay and pasture) free choice.
  2. Supplement with a high-quality, properly-balanced grain concentrate at weaning, or earlier if more rapid rates of gain are desired.

Do foals drink milk?

In general, mare’s milk provides all the nutritional needs of foals in the first six to eight weeks of life. By seven days old, foals drink 25% of their body weight in milk each day. Though milk is unquestionably the mainstay of a young foal’s diet, the transition to traditional feeds may be swift.

Does horse feed milk?

Mare milk is a milk secreted by female horses, known as mares, during lactation to feed their foals. Mare milk is particularly rich in whey protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin C. Mare milk is used in Europe as an alternative for cow milk because of its purported health benefits.

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How much does a newborn foal eat?

Generally, foals consume 4 to 6 ounces of colostrum per feeding. Heavily milking mares produce higher levels of colostrum than the foal is capable of consuming during these early meals. On the average, approximately 5 to 8.5 ounces of colostrum could be hand milked from the mare immediately following each nursing.

Can horses eat milk?

Dairy products – Horses are lactose intolerant, so cheese, milk, yoghurt & ice cream should be avoided. Ragwort – Eating just 1-5 kg of a horse’s lifetime can cause liver failure or death.

Can foals have cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk or similar products (e.g. skim milk powder) are, therefore, not an ideal substitute for foals, because they do not contain the whey protein profile of natural mare’s milk. The predominant carbohydrate in horse milk is lactose. The mineral content of mare’s milk is low compared to the milk of other species.

Can a foal have cows milk?

Colostrum from a cow is not really suitable, although if fed in large quantities it would be better than having none. If the foal has received no colostrum, or IgG levels are measured at <800 mg/dL then plasma (preferably hyper immune) must be administered intravenously during the first 12 hours of life.

Can foals drink goat milk?

Foals generally accept goat’s milk more readily than milk replacer. The milk supply of one goat may not be enough to meet the total needs of an orphan if it is not receiving other supplementation, and a second goat may be necessary.

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How long can foals go without nursing?

The onset of the second stage of labor is the “breaking of the water”, which is the rupture of the chorioallantoic membrane and release of allantoic fluid. Strong uterine contractions result in delivery of the foal, which should be completed within 20 to 40 minutes of the onset of second stage of labor.

How can you tell if a foal is getting enough milk?

A bright, active and alert foal is the best indication they’re receiving adequate milk to meet their daily energy and nutrition requirements. However, if you observe unusual suckling behaviour, or your foal seems lethargic or unwell, consult your veterinarian.

Can a foal survive without its mother?

Foals can absolutely not survive without their mothers until they are about 3 to 4 months old. A newborn has in fact only 6 hrs time, to be rescued before it is not viable.

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