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Readers ask: Who is the band The National?

The National is an American rock band of Cincinnati, Ohio, natives, formed in Brooklyn, New York City in 1999. The band consists of Matt Berninger (vocals), Aaron Dessner (guitar, piano, keyboards), Bryce Dessner (guitar, piano, keyboards), Scott Devendorf (bass) and Bryan Devendorf (drums).

Where is the band The National from?

Religious imagery has long been a mainstay in the National’s lyrics, and with the release of the band’s eighth album, I Am Easy to Find, it’s clear that frontman Matt Berninger still sees religious language as the best prism to articulate the ever-present human desire for transcendence and salvation.

Who is the woman in the National band?

The album and film, which uses six tunes, are described as “playfully hostile siblings.” The film charts the life of a woman from baby to death and, fittingly, The National invites female singers — Dorsey, Mina Tindle, Lisa Hannigan, Sharon Van Etten, Kate Stables and Eve Owen — to join on the 16-track set.

Who is in the band The National?

The National are a Brooklyn-based five-piece hailing from Ohio. The group contains two pairs of brothers — Bryce Dessner (guitars), Aaron Dessner (bass, guitars), Scott Devendorf (bass, guitars), and Bryan Devendorf (drums) — and features Matt Berninger on vocals.

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When did the national band start?

They all gravitated to New York for college, internships and jobs, formed the National in 1999, and slowly became a band closely identified with Brooklyn bohemianism and neurotic self-awareness and despair — writing songs for people who, despite their privilege and education, don’t feel safe.

Where does Bryce Dessner live?

Dessner now resides in Paris and has been increasingly active composing for major European ensembles and soloists. In 2018 Steve Reich named Bryce “an important composer with a developed technique and an intense emotional voice. He continues today as a major voice of his generation.”

What age is Matt Berninger?

Francesca Pieroni Neil (@francesca_pieroni_neil) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is the drummer for The National?

The album features female vocalists including Lisa Hannigan, Sharon Van Etten, Mina Tindle, Gail Ann Dorsey, Kate Stables, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

Where is her head singer?

When he calls for the interview, he introduces himself as “Matt from the National.” Still, he’s relieved that his main band is taking some time off. “We’ve been talking about taking a break for a long time,” he says.

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