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Readers ask: Who are Morissot and Sauvage in two friends?

In Guy de Maupassant’s short story ”Two Friends,” Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage run into one another during the siege of Paris. Morissot is a watchmaker and Sauvage is a draper, or tailor, and they used to fish together regularly. These two are the main characters, or participants in the story.

Who was Monsieur Sauvage?

Monsieur Sauvage is a maker of drapes on the Rue Notre Dame de Lorette (Our Lady of Lorette Street). He, too, is a passionate fisherman. These two men have become friends because of their love of fishing.

What are Monsieur Sauvage and Monsieur Morissot being asked for?

What were Monsieur Morissor and Monsieur Sauvage talking about while they were fishing? A: The two men were talking about the war against the Prussians and how they will never truly be free for they will always be controlled by the government.

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What happens to Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage at the end of the story?

The men shake hands and wish each other goodbye. Then the order is given and the soldiers execute them. The soldiers tie Morissot’s and Sauvage’s bodies to rocks and throw them into the water.

Why does Morissot tremble with desire?

Why does Morrisot tremble with desire in the story two friends? Morissot is faced with a decision to accept or decline. In the passage it says Morissot trembled with desired and the said “very well I agree.” I think that Morissot’s tremble was a sign of hesitation or reluctance.

What is ironic about the ending of two friends?

What is ironic about the end of the story? The prussian eats the two friends fish. What city is under siege?

What does gudgeon symbolize?

Gudgeon meaning; it’s a symbol of. Small fish used a bait, or person who is easily tricked; symbolizes the men. Fishing island after war.

What happens to the two friends when they don’t give the password?

Because Morissot and Sauvage will not give the password to the Germans, the two friends are shot and killed. The German soldiers tie rocks to the two friends’ feet and throw them in the river.

Who were the two friends in the story?

The Two Friends: John and James were two friends who were crossing a forest when suddenly they stumbled across a huge black bear. Imagine how terrified they were! They attempted to flee but the bear chased them.

What did Morissot and Sauvage do every Sunday?

Characters: Morissot and Sauvage. Monsieur Marriott and Monsieur Sauvage went fishing every sunday in a spot in enemy lines. During the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian war. Happily catching fish the friends ignore cannon shots and gunfire in the distance until they are caught by the Prussians.

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What did Maupassant write?

Between 1880 and 1890, Maupassant wrote six novels: Une Vie, Bel-Ami, Mont-Oriol, Pierre et Jean, Fort comme la mort, and Notre Cœur. He also produced short stories at an incredible rate, with at least one collection published each year.

What is the short story two friends about?

“Two Friends” is an 1882 short story about two old friends who take one last fishing trip together during the Prussian siege of Paris. Caught up in fishing and discussing politics, the friends are captured and brought before a Prussian officer, who demands that they tell him the French password.

What is the moral of the story two friends by Guy de Maupassant?

The main themes in “Two Friends” are the horror of war, loyalty and courage, and friendship. The horror of war: In attempting to escape besieged Paris for a few hours, Morissot and Sauvage instead find themselves directly confronted by war’s horrors when they are captured by the Prussians.

How does Sauvage express his Parisian light heartedness?

When Morissot worries that they might meet the enemy, Sauvage jokes that they would simply “offer them some fish.” His “Parisian light-heartedness,” the narrator notes, rises to the surface to comfort both himself and his friend.

What does fishing symbolize in two friends?

The two friends in the story symbolize honor and loyalty because they die rather than betray their country. The fish they catch symbolize the fleeting pleasures of life. Finally, the German officer represents the senseless killing and evil that accompanies war.

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What does the autumn towards the close of day mean?

The phrase “in the autumn, toward the close of day,” is used primarily in a literal sense: it describes the “glorious spectacle” of the sun setting at the end of the day which Monsieur Sauvage would sometimes remark upon when the two men’s fishing trips were a regular occurrence.

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