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Readers ask: What is wrong with LG refrigerator?

A defect with the LG refrigerator linear compressor reportedly causes the appliances to fail. This allegedly causes food within the refrigerator to spoil. Consumers claim that the issue is causing their refrigerators to fail and that LG’s response has been lackluster.

Do LG refrigerators have problems?

LG refrigerators are innovative, modern appliances with advanced technology, but problems do occur. If they’re too cold or hot, don’t defrost, are noisy, leak, or the icemaker or water dispenser don’t function properly, here are some troubleshooting solutions.

Is there a recall on LG refrigerators?

On June 29th, Sears Roebuck and Company of Hoffman Estates, Illinois and LG Electronics of Lincolnshire, Illinois, in conjunction with the Federal Government, announced the recall of approximately 20,000 LG and Kenmore Elite® Trio™ Three door refrigerators.

Do LG refrigerators still have compressor problems in 2021?

In our service department’s experience, LG refrigerators had a normal compressor repair rate up until late 2018/early 2019. Although today in late 2020 we are seeing a decrease overall in calls about this problem, they are still higher than normal.

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How long do LG refrigerators last?

How long do LG refrigerators last? LG states its refrigerators should have about a 20-year lifespan.

Why do LG refrigerator compressors fail?

LG refrigerators contain a compressor defect that allegedly renders the refrigerator unable to keep food contents cold. According to the LG refrigerator class action lawsuit, the compressor failure may be caused by a failure in the ice maker and/or fan.

How do I know if my LG refrigerator compressor is bad?

The best way to tell if something has gone wrong with the compressor is to pull the fridge slightly out from the wall and listen closely. If the motor is running with a slight humming sound but the temperature is above what its normal range should be, then it’s likely there could be a problem with the compressor.

What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

A: From our research, the refrigerator brands that are the most reliable are LG, GE, Whirlpool and Samsung. It makes sense that these would be the same companies we listed as manufacturing the refrigerators with the fewest problems.

Can LG refrigerators be repaired?

With adequate documentation and at least one “no-cooling event,” you can receive up to full reimbursement for parts and labor, up to $1,000 for unsuccessful repairs by LG and its authorized repair providers, up to $1,000 for delayed repairs, up to $3,500 for property loss, and up to $650 for replacement of the

Are LG refrigerators reliable?

LG refrigerators have received the most J.D. Power awards for kitchen appliances than any other manufacturer three years in a row. The J.D. Power 2019 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study even showed that LG refrigerators were number one in reliability.

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How long is the LG warranty?

terms and conditions: (1) The limited warranty for the product extends for TWELVE (12) MONTHS beginning on the date of purchase of the product with valid proof of purchase, or absent valid proof of purchase, FIFTEEN (15) MONTHS from date of manufacture as determined by the unit’s manufacture date code.

What fridge freezers should I not buy?


  • Hotpoint FZA36P.
  • Hotpoint FZA36G.
  • Indesit TZAA10.
  • Hotpoint RZAAV22P.
  • Hotpoint RZAAV22K.
  • Zanussi ZQF11430DA.
  • Zanussi ZFT10210WA.
  • Lec TU55144W.

Which LG refrigerator is best?

Top LG Refrigerators to Buy

  • LG 725L French Door Refrigerator (GR-B24FWSHL)
  • LG 889L Door-in-Door, Side by Side Refrigerator (GR-J31FWCHL)
  • LG 889L, Inverter Linear Compressor, Multi Air Flow Cooling (GR-J31FTUHL)
  • LG 284 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-T302RPOY)

How long is the warranty on a LG refrigerator compressor?

LG linear/inverter compressor warranty: Labor: 5 years. Parts: 10 years.

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