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Readers ask: What can you not plant near blackberries?

Blackberries should not be cultivated in soil that has previously grown tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, strawberries, or any other type of berry bush or bramble.

Can blueberries be planted near blackberries?

Blueberry shrubs work well for planting near blackberries. They won’t find themselves shaded out since they are about the same height as blackberries. You could also plant lower shrubs that will tolerate the shade of higher brambles.

Can I plant tomatoes with blackberries?

Do not grow Blackberry Bushes near tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers – and you probably shouldn’t even plant where these plants have been grown recently. There is no good companion plant for blackberries.

Can I plant strawberries next to blackberries?

Your main issues, when deciding whether to plant these berry bushes, are soil and space. You must clear out an area of well-draining soil that allows for the spread of the blackberry bushes or provides enough room to plant at least a couple rows of strawberries, in order to grow enough for use.

Can you plant marigolds with blackberries?

Other Beneficial Herbs Several flowers and herbs fight disease and repel insects for a wide variety of food crops, including blackberries. Notable examples include borage, marigolds, chives, geraniums and rue. Bee balm and other flowering herbs help attract bees, which aids in blackberry pollination.

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Can raspberries be planted near blackberries?

Compatible Growing Conditions Growing blackberries and raspberries together is an excellent option to enjoy both tasty fruits. Just ensure that your garden and climate are compatible with each plant. Different cultivars thrive in different climates and have different cold-tolerance levels.

Do Blackberries need trellis?

Blackberries require trellising to support the canes, keep fruit off the ground and protect canes from wind damage. The best trellis to use depends on the type of blackberry.

Do thornless blackberries spread?

Thornless blackberries (Rubus ulmifolius) are perennial plants with biennial growth and fruiting habits. Blackberry plants grow in a spreading shrub habit and are classed as either erect or semi-trailing.

Can you plant strawberries with blueberries?

Both strawberries and blueberries are easy to grow garden fruits that you can plant once and reap from for many years. They both can act as beautiful landscape plants and they can be grown together. Strawberries act like ground cover to keep the soil around the blueberry shrubs moist and weed-free.

How far apart should you plant blackberries?

Trailing blackberry plants should be spaced about 10 feet apart in the row. This allows the plants to grow about 5 feet in either direction. Spacing for erect plants, not trellised and maintained about 3 feet tall, would be about 3 feet apart.

What size raised bed for blackberries?

Depending on the type of blackberry plant you will use, construct your raised beds to accommodate the space requirements. Trailing blackberry plants should be spaced 4 to 10 feet apart in the row, with 8 to 10 feet between rows. If you only have a single blackberry plant, you can get by with a 3 by 12 foot raised bed.

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What herbs grow well with blackberries?

Blackberries like mint and basil. They also pair well with oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme.

How tall should a blackberry trellis be?

After setting, the posts should be about 6 feet tall. Either two- or three-wire trellis systems are generally used. A two-wire trellis system is usually adequate, with the top wire at approximately 5 to 6 feet above the ground and the bottom wire at approximately 31⁄2 feet above the ground.

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