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Readers ask: How do you form commands in Spanish?

The formation of this tense depends on whether your command is affirmative or negative. To conjugate the affirmative tú command use the él/ella/usted form of the present tense. For example: hablar is conjugated habla.

Affirmative Negative
Tener Ten No tengas
Ir Ve No vayas
Poner Pon No pongas
Ser No seas

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How do you write affirmative commands in Spanish?

You use affirmative tú commands to tell someone to do something:

  1. Toma mi abrigo.
  2. No tomes mi abrigo.
  3. For the -AR verb hablar (to talk), the command is habla.
  4. Habla con tu hermana.
  5. For the -ER verb leer (to read), the command is lee.
  6. Lee las dos páginas.
  7. And for the -IR verb vivir (to live), the command is vive.

How do you conjugate imperative verbs?

To form the imperative, drop the tu, vous or nous and keep the verb in the present tense:

  1. prendre: tu prends → prends! – take!
  2. faire: vous faites → faites! – do/make!
  3. aller: nous allons → allons! – let’s go!
  4. partir: tu pars → pars! – leave!
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