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Readers ask: Can sweet peas be grown indoors?

Indoors you can place them by a window as long as they will not experience extreme heat from the sun during the day. Cooler night temperatures by a window are not a problem for sweet peas. You can also use fluorescent lights. However, plants should be about 6- 12 in.

Can you keep sweet peas indoors?

Bring them indoors to display in vases. Sweet peas are grown for their delicate flowers and strong scent. There is a huge range of varieties available with different colours, patterns, and perfumes.

Do sweet peas grow well in pots?

Sweet Peas can be very successfully grown in containers providing a few basic rules are observed. These are; The container needs to be sufficient volume for the number of plants with a minimum size of 20 litres. Sweet Peas have a large root system and can easily become pot bound.

How tall do indoor sweet peas grow?

Sweet pea plants need vertical support and will need a frame to clamber and climb over as they often reach over 1.8m (6ft) tall.

Can pea plants be grown indoors?

An indoor pea plant needs 8 to 10 hours of bright light. You can either place it in the sunniest location of the home or use grow lights. Many varieties grow well in containers and will flourish indoors but snap pea, snow pea and dwarf pea plants are the easiest.

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How long do sweet peas take to germinate indoors?

The container should then be kept either in a dark place or covered with brown card or paper in a temperature not exceeding 70F (21C). After 3 days check the container for signs of germination and at the same time make sure the kitchen roll remains damp (but not wet). From 3 days onwards, once the seeds have about Oin.

Do sweet peas need deep pots?

Use a good quality compost and sow several sweet pea seeds to a pot. Plant them about 1cm deep, cover with compost and water them well. Sweet peas perform best if their roots are forced to grow in a deep, narrow channel so choose a tall pot to give them a strong start.

Do I need a trellis for sweet peas?

Because Sweet Peas are vining, they need support to grow up and flower. Many types of structures can work such as a trellis, supports with mesh or twine, or fences. They need a structure that is well anchored in the ground to support the weight of the vines.

How do you make sweet pea wigwam?

Step By Step Guide

  1. First fill a large patio container with good quality multi-purpose compost.
  2. Insert five or more 6ft/180cm bamboo canes to form a circle, tying the tops together with garden twine.
  3. With a hand trowel, plant three sweet pea seedlings at the base of each support.

Do Sweet peas come back every year?

Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) only live for a year, dying after setting seed. But don’t let this put you off as they are super easy to grow from seed. Perennial species such as Lathyrus latifolius come back year after year, but mostly lack fragrance and there are fewer to choose from.

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Can you grow peas in a window?

Alternately you can grow them near a window receiving 8 hours of full sun per day. I find they do better with lights but a good southern facing window (northern hemisphere) could certainly work. Just don’t let them get too warm. Check on your peas daily and water as needed.

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