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Quick Answer: What types of jobs were available in colonial New Jersey?

Most towns required a town clerk, a minister, an apothecary, and a schoolteacher as well as various tradesmen: coopers (who made barrels), blacksmiths, weavers, wheelwrights, carpenters, seamstresses, printers and shoemakers.

What types of jobs did the colonial perform?

Here are some of the typical trades of Colonial America.

  • Apothecary. The apothecaries of colonial times were similar to today’s pharmacists.
  • Blacksmith. The blacksmith was one of the most important tradesmen of any colonial settlement.
  • Cabinetmaker.
  • Chandler (candlemaker)
  • Cobbler (shoemaker)
  • Cooper.
  • Gunsmith.
  • Milliner.

What jobs did most Colonist have?

Colonial Culture | Occupations. Colonial Americans were primarily farmers. Every family was expected to be self-sufficient—capable of growing crops and raising livestock for food.

What kind of jobs were available in the Colonies economy?

Some colonists were trappers and others were fur traders negotiating trade with the Native Indians. Colonial Work and Jobs

  • New England Colonies: Fish, timber, furs, ships and livestock.
  • Middle Colonies: Grain, flour, livestock, iron and furs.
  • Southern Colonies: Tobacco, rice, indigo (dye) furs and farm products.
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What industries did the New Jersey Colony have?

Industry. The New Jersey Colony exports agricultural products and natural resources including cattle, grain, rice, indigo (dye), wheat. Many flax and hemp farms are established in the Middle Colonies, furthering our textiles industry.

What were the jobs like in Colonial America?

There were many occupations in colonial times – butchers and bakers and candlestick makers and hatters and coopers and printers and cobblers and wheelwrights and all kinds of smiths and more! The most important occupation was that of farmer. Like Father Like Son: Many businesses in the New World were family businesses.

What were the main jobs in the middle colonies?

Largely agricultural, farms in this region grew numerous kinds of crops, most notably grains and oats. Logging, shipbuilding, textiles production, and papermaking were also important in the Middle Colonies.

What kind of jobs did the New England colonies have?

The New England colonies were well suited for lumber, fishing, whaling, and fur trapping. The soil in the region was too rocky for large-scale farming like that found in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern colonies, so the New England colonists made use of the resources that their environment offered.

What was the occupation of most of the colonists Why was this so important to colonial society?

What was the occupation of most colonists? Why was this so important to colonial society? farmers, Even colonists who weren’t farmers had to depend on locally grown food. Why was farming NOT the primary source of profit in the New England colonies?

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What kind of jobs did the pilgrims have?

What jobs did the Pilgrims have? Most of those that came had trades previously like printing and combing wool etc. Although now we’re all farmers, fishermen, carpenters etc.

What were the main jobs in the Southern colonies?

Economy. The Southern economy was almost entirely based on farming. Rice, indigo, tobacco, sugarcane, and cotton were cash crops. Crops were grown on large plantations where slaves and indentured servants worked the land.

What were the primary jobs in the Southern colonies?

The southern colonies’ economy was based on agriculture (farming). Many of the colonists who came to the southern colonies were rich aristocrats or businessmen from England and they wanted to become even more wealthy from owning land.

What jobs were in Jamestown?

All of the early settlers in 1607 were men and boys, including laborers, carpenters, bricklayers, a blacksmith, a barber, a tailor, a mason and a preacher.

What are major industries in New Jersey?

What are New Jersey’s Major Industries?

  • Life Sciences Industry.
  • Technology Industry.
  • Clean Energy Industry.
  • Film & Media Industry.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Industry.
  • Logistics Industry.
  • Food & Beverage Industry.
  • Financial Services Industry.

What was New Jersey’s main industry?

New Jersey’s largest industries include financial services, transportation and logistics, and life sciences. While the technology industry in New Jersey is shrinking, the healthcare and life sciences industry continues to grow due to the concentration of institutions and demand driven by an older population.

What did New Jersey colony produce?

Major exports from the New Jersey Colony included livestock, rice, wheat, indigo, rice, grain and other agricultural products. Iron ore was important to the New Jersey Colony. They used it to manufacture items to export to England such as tools, kettles, nails, plows, and nails.

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