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Quick Answer: What type of tree is a river birch?

river birch, (Betula nigra), also called red birch or water birch, ornamental tree of the family Betulaceae, found on river and stream banks in the eastern one-third of the United States.

Is a river birch a deciduous tree?

Mature Height/Spread. This deciduous tree typically grows 30 to 60 feet high and 20 to 50 feet wide.

What family is a river birch in?

River Birch | The Wood Database – Lumber Identification ( Hardwood )

Is a river birch a good tree?

It is an excellent tree as its roots do a great job holding shorelines together, helping to prevent erosion. It is hardy, growing in zones 4-9. The river birch has a geographical range bigger than any birch in the states. It adapts well to hot climates and is the only birch found in southern states.

What is the life expectancy of a river birch tree?

Pruning can assure a single-stem tree and establish a stronger structure to resist ice damage. Any pruning should be done during dormancy, and not when the sap is flowing. This native birch grows at a medium to fast rate with a lifespan up to 75 years.

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Can you cut one trunk of a river birch?

Plant a single-trunk birch tree in spring and allow it to grow for one year or until the trunk is at least 1 inch in diameter. Cut back the entire tree in the following spring, leaving only about a 2-inch stub in the ground. Given plenty of water, the tree will grow several shoots that become the trunks.

Are river birch trees invasive?

The roots of River Birch are far reaching but are non-invasive. Since the tree prefers to grow in moist, wet and clay soils therefore the roots do not penetrate deep in search of water since it is easily available in the upper layer of the soil.

Do deer eat river birch trees?

The River Birch tree is loved for its shade and tolerance to not only deer, but poor soils, various sunlight exposures, and divergent water offerings. The River Birch has lovely cinnamon-colored bark and produces rich green leaves in summer.

How many trunks should a river birch have?

This shade tree has highly symmetrical branching and upright pyramidal to upright oval form. Although it naturally forms just a single trunk, it is frequently sold in multiple-trunked form with two to five trunks per tree. River birch in winter, spring, summer and fall.

Is river birch wood good for anything?

River Birch is good wood and has a higher BTU value then Cherry and other species many consider good wood. If you do not split it or remove a good amount of the bark, the middle will decay faster then it dries and it will not make very good wood.

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Can river birch trees withstand high winds?

River Birch Unlike other birches, this variety resists pesky borers, keeping trunk and branches sturdy. But the river birch isn’t simply flood-tolerant. Strong winds won’t topple this 70-foot beast.

Do birds like river birch trees?

Birch trees produce food for birds in the form of seeds (found in cone-shaped strobili), buds, and insects/caterpillars (plays host to many species). For these reasons Birch trees are one of the top options for finding and attracting birds (in addition to other forms of wildlife).

Where should I plant a river birch tree?

Choose a planting site that receives full to partial sun, preferably in the morning hours. River birch needs cool, moist soil. Afternoon shade helps maintain cooler soil, so a site on the east or north of a house or building works best.

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