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Quick Answer: What tech companies are in Utah?

Technology Companies in Utah

  • Entrata. 4205 CHAPEL RIDGE RD.
  • Vivint. 4931 NORTH 300 WEST.
  • Ancestry. 1300 W TRAVERSE PARKWAY.
  • Bask Technology. 2500 EXECUTIVE PARKWAY SUITE 150.
  • MaritzCX. 3451 TRIUMPH BLVD 6TH FLOOR.
  • Instructure. 6330 SOUTH 3000 EAST SUITE 700.
  • Davinci Virtual. 2150 SOUTH 1300 EAST SUITE 200.
  • Qualtrics.

Does Utah have tech companies?

The state of Utah has done a lot in recent years to position itself as one of the main hubs for tech companies in the United States, if not the world.

Where is the tech hub in Utah?

Provo, Utah has become the country’s latest tech hub, taking talent from tech-heavy cities including San Francisco, Calif., with factors like cost of living and the beautiful scenery contributing to the appeal.

Is Utah a tech hub?

Now, its mentioned in the same vein as Silicon Valley and is easily one of the best tech hubs in the world. The Silicon Slopes refer to the region in the state of Utah that encompasses Salt Lake City. A recent study by Seek Capital conducted of all 50 U.S. states found Utah as the best state for startups.

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Why are so many tech companies in Utah?

Silicon Slopes is a technology hub, similar to the well-known Silicon Valley, situated between Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, filled with large and small tech companies that have swarmed to Utah for a variety of reasons, including getting tax incentives, hiring tech workers, and taking advantage of the low cost of

What big tech companies are in Utah?

Biggest Tech Companies in Salt Lake City

  • Adobe. When it comes to technology, one of the titans of the industry is, of course, Adobe.
  • is another company headquartered in Utah.
  • Qualtrics.
  • eBay.
  • Instructure.
  • Domo.
  • In Conclusion.

Is Utah the next Silicon Valley?

The Utah mountains have also helped pull techies away from the California sun. Because of the boom and scenery, Provo has been deemed the ‘Silicon Slopes. ‘ Successful companies such as Qualtrics, Vivint, and SmartCitizen are some of the biggest names to establish themselves near the ski-ready mountains.

What is Utah tech?

Dixie State University’s board voted to change the name of the institution to Utah Tech University, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The move away from the Dixie State name came from a desire to end the association with the South and its history of racism.

Is Utah high tech?

Utah has a long history of partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense that have contributed to laying the groundwork for the state’s high-tech business environment and infrastructure.

Is Salt Lake City a tech city?

However, Salt Lake City has recently garnered new attention as a booming tech ecosystem. Multiple high-profile companies — like Adobe and eBay — have opened campuses in the area, while home-grown companies like Qualtrics, Domo, Instructure, Pluralsight, and Lucid have achieved significant success.

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Why is it called Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is called Silicon Valley because of sand. Many companies manufacturing computer chips (like Intel) were either operating or headquartered throughout the region, now known as Silicon Valley back, in 1971. The first ingredient in the manufacturing process of computer chips happens to be – sand.

Where is the Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a global center of technological innovation located in the South San Francisco Bay Area of California. Silicon Valley is home to dozens of major technology, software, and internet companies.

What city is Silicon Slopes?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addresses the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City in January 2020. On any given day, half a dozen cranes tower over the “Silicon Slopes” region just south of Salt Lake City erecting glassy office buildings to make more room for Utah’s steadily growing tech industry.

Why are people moving to Utah from California?

Yes, there are reasons why so many California residents believe Utah to be one of the best places to relocate, such as great weather and climate, low monthly rent, and low cost of living.

How many tech companies are in Silicon Slopes?

23 Tech Companies in Salt Lake City Shaking Up Utah’s ‘Silicon Slopes’

Who founded Silicon Slopes?

In connection with the acquisition, David Politis (founder, CEO and Editor of Deseret Business Watch) has been named Publisher and Editorial Director of Silicon Slopes. Formed in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) corporation, Silicon Slopes is the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community.

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