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Quick Answer: What is a weakness of experimental research?

Weaknesses: The main weakness of the experimental method is their dependence on what many see as an “artificial” environment. People may behave differently in the experimental setting than they would under more ordinary conditions.

What is weak experimental research design?

Weakness: Absence if any control – researcher has no way of knowing if the results obtained at O are due to treatment X. 14. Weak Experimental Designs The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design A single group is measured or observed before and after the treatment.

What are the strength of experimental research?

Strength: It is easier to replicate (i.e. copy) a laboratory experiment. This is because a standardized procedure is used. Strength: They allow for precise control of extraneous and independent variables. This allows a cause and effect relationship to be established.

What are the weaknesses of a true experimental design?

True experiments can be too accurate and it is very difficult to obtain a complete rejection or acceptance of a hypothesis because the standards of proof required are so difficult to reach. True experiments are also difficult and expensive to set up. They can also be very impractical.

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Which of the following is a weakness of an experiment?

Weaknesses: The main weakness of the experimental method is their dependence on what many see as an “artificial” environment. People may behave differently in the experimental setting than they would under more ordinary conditions.

How do you identify strengths and weaknesses in a research study?

Key Takeaways

  1. Strengths of survey research include its cost effectiveness, generalizability, reliability, and versatility.
  2. Weaknesses of survey research include inflexibility and lack of potential depth.

What is the largest disadvantage of experimental research?

What are the 2 major disadvantages of the experimental method? Experiments are often artificial and doubts arise about the applicability of the findings.

What are the disadvantages of scientific research?


  • Nothing has full knowledge of the world.
  • Senses can deceive us – science only provides us with an incomplete picture of the world.
  • Scientists can never be completely unbiased.
  • Science isn’t free from error.
  • No way of knowing what is real – some things could be illusions.

What are the limitations of the experimental research method?

Limitation: They may be more expensive and time consuming than lab experiments. There is no control over extraneous variables that might bias the results. This makes it difficult for another researcher to replicate the study in exactly the same way.

What are weaknesses in research?

“Weaknesses related to the Research Problem: The problem is unimportant or unlikely to yield new information. The hypothesis is ill-defined, doubtful, or unsound, or it rests on insufficient evidence. The problem is more complex than the investigator realizes.

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What are the weakness of scientific methodology?

Deliberately falsifying results – i.e. scientific fraud. Bias – prior confidence in the hypothesis being true/false can affect accuracy of observation and interpretation of results. Data interpretation – research findings are limited by human ability to interpret the results.

What is strength and weaknesses of qualitative research?

Poor quality qualitative work can lead to misleading findings. Qualitative research alone is often insufficient to make population-level summaries. Qualitative research can be time and labour-intensive. Conducting multiple interviews and focus groups can be logistically difficult to arrange and time consuming.

Why is it important to know strength and weaknesses of research?

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you function. For instance, if you are looking at career options, you would be able to narrow down specific job scopes based on the things you know you are good at. It also helps you to grow more.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of quasi experimental designs?

Therefore, quasi-experimental studies may also be more generalizable and have better external validity than RCTs. The greatest disadvantage of quasi-experimental studies is that randomization is not used, limiting the study’s ability to conclude a causal association between an intervention and an outcome.

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