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Quick Answer: What does food symbolize in All Quiet on the Western Front?

In the midst of horrific violence and death, references to food appear repeatedly in the novel as a reminder of the soldiers’ need to survive but also to find comfort and pleasure. Sharing a meal also symbolizes their camaraderie. In these respects, food represents one of the last vestiges of their humanity.

What does the quiet symbolize in All Quiet on the Western Front?

One could say that the quiet kills him, or one could say that he chooses to die surrounded by quiet. The adjective “quiet” is used to describe lots of different things in this novel, but it is almost always associated with peace and calm and with all things that the war is not.

What do the horses symbolize in All Quiet on the Western Front?

In All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque uses horses and butterflies to represent how war forces soldiers to conceal their emotions, which protects him from the brutal experiences of war. The Horses represent the soldiers and their emotions that they carefully hide.

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What does the cherry tree symbolize in All Quiet on the Western Front?

When Detering glimpses a blooming cherry tree while coming back from the front, he is reminded of the beautiful farm with cherry orchards that he left behind. While the cherry tree holds particular meaning for Detering, it symbolizes the lives that all of the men have left behind, lives that had just begun to bloom.

What does Kemmerich’s boots symbolize?

Kemmerich’s Boots Kemmerich’s high, supple boots are passed from soldier to soldier as each owner dies in sequence. Paul brings them to Müller after Kemmerich dies and inherits them himself when Müller is shot to death later in the novel. In this way, the boots represent the cheapness of human life in the war.

What does quiet symbolize?

Silence symbolizes a variety of things, such as: Awkwardness – people go silent after an awkward moment. Comfort – people who are comfortable with each other can be silent together. Peace – people often seek ‘peace and quiet’

What does Kemmerich’s death symbolize?

This shows what Paul would want for himself, a death that means no suffering and a fast end. It’s all he can bring himself to hope for in the war. Kemmerich serves as a warning for his comrades and a foreshadowing of things to come for the reader.

How is All Quiet on the Western Front ironic?

It comes from the last few lines of the novel, which state that Paul dies on a day where the only report filed said ‘All quiet on the western front. ‘ This is ironic because clearly, all was not quiet, since Paul is killed on the day. There is still fighting, and men are still dying on both sides.

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What does the graveyard scene say about the value of human life?

What does the graveyard scene say about the value of human life? This scene shows that the value of a human life is like a speck of dust, and the only thing that they are good for is to protect Paul from the bombardment.

Why does detering desert and what happens to him?

Detering was overcome by homesickness and deserted. He was caught by the military police, and court-martialed. Detering was “one of those who kept himself to himself”.

Why does Berger leave the trench?

Berger illustrates a case of front-line madness. He leaves the crater and goes out a hundred yards to help a wounded messenger dog. Shot in the pelvis, he is brought back by a stretcher bearer who gets a leg wound.

What happened Muller?

Sadly, Muller doesn’t survive the war and is killed by a pistol shot. He gives Paul, the narrator, his prized boots as he dies.

What does a boot symbolize?

Like shoes, boots offer a message about getting more grounded, natural, and earthy in the steps you are taking to actualize your aspirations. The boot can also be a symbol of becoming more motivated as in ‘booting up’ or starting something. Looking for boots can symbolize planning for a difficult transition.

What does Muller want from Kemmerich?

Müller, reasoning that a one-legged man has no need for matching shoes, wants Kemmerich’s boots for himself, but Paul discourages him from pressing the matter further. They will have to keep watch until Kemmerich dies and then take the boots before the orderlies steal them.

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Who is Himmelstoss in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Himmelstoss is a character from Erich Maria Remarque’s World War I novel All Quiet on the Western Front. He’s a training officer at the training camp the boys must attend before being deployed to the front lines, and he’s universally hated because he’s a bully.

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