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Quick Answer: How much does a cuckoo clock cost in Germany?

These hand-made clocks start at around $150 for a nice 1-DAY cuckoo clock and can reach $3000 or more for a beautifully detailed work of art.

Are German cuckoo clocks worth money?

an antique authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock is worth more because it is actively sought after by collectors. For your antique clock to be worth anything, it must be the real thing. If it is a 20th-century reproduction of an 18th-century German cuckoo clock, it won’t be highly desirable.

Do Germans own cuckoo clocks?

You Love Germany If you are obsessed with Germany and German history, owning a Black Forest cuckoo clock is the ultimate souvenir. There are many reasons to love Germany and the Black Forest is just one of those unique things that make it unlike any other European country.

Where can I buy a clock in Germany?

Drubba Clocks and Gifts One of the most popular places to visit in Germany is definitely the Drubba cuckoo clock shop.

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Are cuckoo clocks Swiss or German?

The Black Forest region of southern Germany is where cuckoo clocks – mostly depicting a hunting scene – have their real nest. But the Lötscher company, based near Zurich, can boast it makes the only genuine Swiss cuckoo clocks in the world.

Why are cuckoo clocks so expensive?

If the carvings are hand painted and hand carved also means the price will be higher; Additional hand-carved elements also result in a higher price- such as a roof, cuckoo bird, or clock hands; Clocks with a night shut-off feature will be more expensive than those without.

How much is an original cuckoo clock worth?

Let’s begin with the good news: if your Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is a genuine antique, you’ll be thrilled to know that it could fetch anywhere between $150 to a cool $3,000; so checking its authenticity and features before you put a price on it would be one hugely-clever move!

What is the most expensive cuckoo clock?

Some of the most valuable cuckoo clocks are musical ones which play melodies. In 2009 a musical automaton cuckoo clock sold for over $5,000.

What is cuckoo clock in Germany?

The German cuckoo clock history began in the Bavarian area of Germany. In the years before 1630, time was kept with a sundial and an hourglass. When a glass peddler came back from Czechoslovakia returned with a crude clock called a wood-beam clock it changed their world.

What town in Germany makes cuckoo clocks?

The little town of St. Goar by the Rhine boasts a unique attraction – the largest free-hanging cuckoo clock in the world.

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What is a 1 day cuckoo clock?

A one-day cuckoo clock has smaller weights and needs to be wound once a day, or once every 24 hours. An eight-day cuckoo clock has larger weights and needs to be wound once a week.

How does a cuckoo clock work?

The cuckoo clock is driven by the weights hanging on a chain. The chains wrap around a chain gear that drives the internal gears of the clock. Over time the weights slowly drop to the ground. The weights are pulled back up when they reach the floor and this rewinds the clock.

How many times does a cuckoo clock cuckoo?

The most common are: “ The Happy Wanderer” and “Edelweiss.” An eight-day cycle cuckoo clock alternates the song on the hour, and a one-day cycle clock alternates the song every half hour. Preserving the art and tradition of the old German clockmakers is evident in the way a mechanical movement cuckoo clock works.

How can you tell if a cuckoo clock is real?

If you have an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, you should also find a sticker on the inside of your cuckoo clock in black, white, and gold with the letters ‘VDS’. Here at, all our clocks come with certification, along with a five-year product warranty.

Do they still make cuckoo clocks?

In 1848, Anton Schneider began the production of cuckoo clocks in his farmhouse in Schonach in the Black Forest. This family-owned company is operated today by the sixth generation.

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