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Quick Answer: How many pages does invisible Emmie have?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062484932
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Series: Emmie Friends Series
Pages: 192

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Is Invisible Emmie a novel?

Holm, Invisible Emmie is a humorous and surprising debut graphic novel by Terri Libenson, creator of the internationally syndicated, Reuben Award-winning comic strip The Pajama Diaries. —and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands….

How many books are in the Invisible Emmie series?

Emmie & Friends 4- Book Box Set: Invisible Emmie, Positively Izzy, Just Jaime, Becoming Brianna Paperback – October 27, 2020.

Who wrote positively Izzy?

Plus don’t miss Terri Libenson’s Invisible Emmie, Just Jaime, and Becoming Brianna! Award-winning comics creator and author of the bestselling Invisible Emmie Terri Libenson returns with a companion graphic novel that captures the drama, angst, and humor of middle-school life.

What age is invisible Emmie for?

Ages 8-12. *note: all these books can be read in order as written or as stand-alones. Synopsis: This is the story of two totally different girls — quiet, shy, artistic Emmie and popular, outgoing, athletic Katie —and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands.

What genre is invisible Emmie?

The main conflict concerns –what else–a crush, along with a B-plot where Emmie’s straight-A friend ends up acting like a Grade-A Moron, which has no consequences and is lamely “resolved” within 15 pages.

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What books are in the invisible Emmie series?

Series: Emmie & friends (Emmie and friends)

  • Invisible Emmie (Volume 1.)
  • Positively Izzy (Volume 2.)
  • Just Jaime (Volume 3.)
  • Becoming Brianna (Volume 4.)

How many sunny side up books are there?

Sunny Book Series ( 4 Books )

What is the order of the Emmie and friends books?

Parents need to know that Invisible Emmie is a graphic novel about two very different middle-school girls: one self-conscious and insecure, the other confident and popular. Emmie feels left out at home (she’s an “oops baby”) and at school (she describes herself as quiet, awkward, and “flat as a pancake”).

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