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Quick Answer: How long does EZ Drain last?

EZ-Drain offers a 100+ year material lifespan.

How long do French drains last?

Generally speaking, a French drain will last approximately 30 to 40 years. However, the above-mentioned factors may shorten its life cycle and it must then be replaced by a team of foundation experts.

What is the difference between EZ Flow and EZ drain?

EZDrain bead is smaller due to manufacturing considerations. EZ-Drain is available in smaller diameter bundles and the smaller bead assembles better. “EZflow” will be used throughout this document to describe both products.

How long do land drains last?

Drainage is a long-term investment. Given good maintenance, a useful life of at least 20 years can be expected and some systems can last many decades longer. The cost of installing a new comprehensive field drainage system varies greatly according to the scale and intensity of the system.

How often do French drains have to be replaced?

This is why most experts state that a French drain is not a long-term solution to a drainage problem: You have to dig it up and reinstall it every eight to 10 years.

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Do French drains last forever?

We’re going to go over some do’s and don’ts for French drains. The stone gravel French drain will last forever. A French drain that’s installed correctly will last forever, simply put.

Whats better than a French drain?

If you have a negative sloped yard (which slopes toward your foundation), a surface drainage system is a better choice than a French drain. Sloping of more than 1”-1-1/2” on a 10′ run can result in excessive amounts of water seeping beneath your house.

What is EZ flow drain pipe?

EZflow Drainage Systems by Infiltrator are geosynthetic aggregate pipe systems for use in drainage applications. This gravel-free drainage system utilizes the time-proven principle used in gravel systems while eliminating the problems inherent with gravel.

How deep should EZ Flow be?

EZflow must be covered with a minimum of 6” of soil. The maximum depth to bury EZflow is 10 ft of soil.

What is EZ Drain made of?

EZ-Drain® Engineered French Drain System polystyrene aggregate and enclosed in a geotextile mesh.

How deep should a land drain be?

Land Drain should be laid in a trench that is approximately 250mm wide. Depth may vary according to the particular soil makeup but an ideal depth is 900mm.

How can I make my land drain better?

You can make your soil drain better by adding organic material such as compost. You can also make soil drain better with hilling, containers, or raised beds.

How do you improve field drainage?


  1. Field drains. The most expensive option is the installation of field drains – plastic pipe run under the soil with a backfill of gravel.
  2. Open ditches. Digging ditches and either leaving them open or backfilling with gravel can improve drainage.
  3. Mole draining.
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