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Quick Answer: Can you discriminate against renters?

A landlord may also refuse to rent to a person whose rental history suggests that s/he will not take care of the property or in other ways be irresponsible. These are all perfectly legal bases for discriminating among rental applicants and selecting those likely to be “good” tenants.

Are landlords allowed to choose tenants?

You are entitled to choose the person you believe is most appropriate as long as you do not discriminate on grounds of the applicant’s race or ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Think about your property type and what kind of tenant would enjoy living there.

Can you deny a renter?

You can deny a rental applicant as long as the landlord can prove that every applicant was screened by the same standards and the basis for rejection was due to an applicant’s potential inability to pay rent or if he is seen as dangerous to the property or neighborhood.

How do landlords choose a renter?

Landlords have the right to choose the most qualified applicant as long as the decision is based on legitimate business reasons, such as sufficient income or credit score. The decision should be compliant with fair housing laws as well.

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How does a landlord decide on a tenant?

The prospective tenant is presentable and polite at the viewing, loves the property, has a steady job and is more than happy to pay the rent and deposit you are asking for. The tenant has provided you with a list of references and is keen to move in. Presentable, can afford the rent and has references.

How do you politely decline a rental applicant?

You will need to let the applicant know that you will not be approving their application by sending them an adverse action letter, also known as a rental application rejection letter. The letter will inform the tenant why their application has been denied.

How do I decline a potential tenant?

Rejecting A Rental Application – Dos and Don’ts

  1. DO actually send out a rejection letter.
  2. DO send out your letter as soon as your decision is made.
  3. DON’T give the applicant false hope.
  4. DO give a uniform response to all applicants.
  5. DON’T harp on about how difficult your job was.
  6. DO personally address your letter.

How do you say no to a tenant?

Always turn down the request politely, clearly, and not in a negative manner. Keep the focus on the request, not the tenant, so to convey that you are turning down the request based on business rather than putting down the person.

How do I get my landlord to choose me?

To ensure you get the rental property you want, here are our top tips for creating a great first impression with your landlord or letting agency.

  1. Be Realistic About Budgets.
  2. Turn Up on Time To Property Viewings.
  3. Present Yourself Well.
  4. Have Your Documentation Ready.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Landlord Questions.
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How do you screen and select tenants?

How To Screen Tenants In 7 Steps

  1. Step 1: Determine Minimum Tenant Criteria.
  2. Step 2: Pre-Screen Tenants In Your Rental Listing.
  3. Step 3: Consider COVID-19.
  4. Step 4: Collect And Review Applications And Get Consent For Screening.
  5. Step 5: Run Credit Check And Criminal Background Check.
  6. Step 6: Verify Other Tenant Information.

What owners look for in tenants?

A tenant that cares about your property is instrumental when it comes to maintaining the value of your investment and keeping your mind at ease. As well as not causing damage to the premises, a good tenant will keep the property clean, be respectful of neighbours and let property managers know when problems arise.

How do property owners get selected for tenants?

How to Choose the Best Tenant for Your Rental

  1. Follow the Law.
  2. Choose a Tenant With Good Credit.
  3. Perform a Criminal Background Check.
  4. Look at the Tenant’s Rental History.
  5. Choose a Tenant Who Is Stable.
  6. Maximum of Two People Per Bedroom.
  7. Trust Your Instincts.

Why would a rental application be denied?

According to Rent the survey showed that the number one reason agents decline a tenant application is because of a history of missed rental payments. Rent says more than 70% of property managers surveyed say an applicant who has a record of paying their rent late would be the first struck off the shortlist.

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