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Quick Answer: Are aspens and poplars the same?

Michx. Populus tremuloides is a deciduous tree native to cooler areas of North America, one of several species referred to by the common name aspen. It is commonly called quaking aspen, trembling aspen, American aspen, mountain or golden aspen, trembling poplar, white poplar, and popple, as well as others.

What is the difference between poplar and aspen trees?

Quaking aspen has smaller heart-shaped to circular (orbicular) leaves with fine (serrate) teeth on the edges. Balsam poplar leaves are quite variable across its range but in general they are egg-shaped (ovate) or more narrowly spear-shaped (lanceolate) with very small teeth along the leaf margin.

Is aspen a type of poplar?

Aspen poplar is a slender deciduous tree that grows up to 30 m (100 ft.) tall. The buds of aspen poplar are not coated with a fragrant, sticky resin like those of balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera). Leaves: In aspen, the leaf stalks (petioles) are vertically flattened.

Are aspen and poplar trees related?

poplar, (genus Populus), genus of some 35 species of trees in the willow family (Salicaceae), native to the Northern Hemisphere. The poplar species native to North America are divided into three loose groups: the cottonwoods, the aspens, and the balsam poplars.

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Which is harder poplar or aspen?

Generally the lighter the weight of the dry wood the weaker and softer it is. Like all general rules, this one has some exceptions. Thus, although yellow-poplar is heavier and harder than aspen, aspen is higher in shock resistance.

How can you tell aspen poplar?

Trunk is smooth with light green or pale bark. Large trees can have black cracks in the bark at the base. Poplar trees are either male or female – only male trees are observed for PlantWatch. Leaves & Twigs: Leaves are small (3-7 cm long), light to medium green in colour, and round-shaped with a small, sharp tip.

How do you identify a poplar tree?

An identifying feature of poplar trees is the lenticels on the bark. These dark-colored lenticels look like horizontal scores or rough growth. As poplar trees mature, the bark of many species darkens and becomes rough or fissured. The common white poplar tree can look like birch trees due to its bark.

What kind of tree is aspen?

Aspen trees are medium-sized deciduous trees with rough gray-white bark and large round leaves with toothed margins. The quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) and bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata) are the most common aspen trees in North America.

Is white poplar and aspen?

Confusion with other trees White poplar Populus alba, a native of continental Europe, is readily distinguished from Aspen in summer. It has deeply lobed leaves with a strikingly white underside. However, white poplar also hybridises freely with aspen.

Is aspen a birch?

Quaking Aspens are often confused with birch trees. Although aspen are somewhat similar in appearance to some species of birch, birch trees belong to an entirely different family of trees. Birch are famous for having bark that peels back like paper; aspen bark does not peel.

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What trees are similar to Aspen?

Alternative to Birch & Aspen Trees

  • Madrone. The madron (Arbutus menziesii) is one option for a brightly colored addition to your garden.
  • California Sycamore. The California sycamore (Platanus racemosa) is best suited to larger landscaping efforts.
  • Ghost Gum.
  • Pearl Acacia.
  • Japanese Maple.
  • Fruit Trees.

Are aspen trees related to cottonwood trees?

Both tall trees with sweeping branches, poplars and cottonwoods are not very dissimilar. Both are members of the Populus genus, which includes poplars, cottonwoods and aspens.

Are cottonwood and poplar the same tree?

The cottonwood—also known as the poplar—is a tall tree with a spreading crown, named for its cotton-like seeds.

Is aspen a good hardwood?

Aspen is a relatively soft hardwood and ranks lower than most common hardwoods in terms of hardness and durability. However, this doesn’t mean that aspen flooring isn’t good. For what aspen lacks in durability, it makes up for it with great stability, beautiful graining, and low flammability.

How hard is poplar wood?

How Hard Is Poplar Wood? Even though poplar wood is considered hardwood, it is softer than most hardwoods. But it is harder than softwoods. In terms of hardness, poplar wood moves towards the bottom end of the hardness scale with a 540 rating for the Janka hardness test value.

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