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Question: Who was Rosemary Fell?

Rosemary Fell is the main character in the story ‘A Cup of Tea’, written by Katherine Mansfield. She explored the inner recesses of the human psyche. Her short stories dramatize human emotions creating situations, which are at once tender and brittle.

Who was the husband of Rosemary Fell?

In terms of worldly life, Rosemary Fell owns everything dreamt by other females. Her husband, Philip, dotes on her and they are more than very rich (Mansfield, 1977: 61).

What are the characteristics of Rosemary Fell?

Rather than being satisfied Rosemary Fell is features as a selfish, jealous and complex woman although she indulges herself in charity and kindness. She is seemed to be a brilliant persona and her parties scream luxury and richness. She is a materialistic woman who always seeks attention.

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Why did Rosemary Fell want to help Mrs Smith?

Initially, Rosemary wants to give Miss Smith the gift of tea and sympathy. Even though Miss Smith only asked for some money to buy herself a cup of tea, Rosemary sees this as a great opportunity to show off just how incredibly caring she is. As an added bonus, taking Miss Smith home for tea will be such an adventure.

What did Smith ask Rosemary Fell?

Rosemary Fell, a wealthy young married woman, goes to Curzon Street to shop at a florist’s and in an antique shop (in which she admires, but does not buy, a beautifully painted small ceramic box). Before going to the car, Rosemary is approached by Miss Smith, a poor girl who asks for enough money to buy tea.

How did Rosemary’s husband respond to Miss Smith?

When Rosemary explains her intentions to her husband, Philip, who has just seen Miss Smith, he calls her “‘ mad ‘” and insists that “‘It simply can’t be done. ‘” From a husband to a wife, this is a pretty shocking term of endearment.

What kind of person is Rosemary?

Answer: rosemary fell is a wealthy, educated and socialite type of women. But in this story she is a caricature, a two dimensional representation of a rich, self centered, shallow turn of the century English women.

How would one describe Rosemary’s looks?

They are dark green and shiny above, with a white underside and curled leaf margins. The small bluish flowers are borne in axillary clusters and are attractive to bees.

Who is the central character in a cup of tea?

A Cup of Tea is a beautiful story by Mansfield where there is a gentle irony in the end. The central character, Rosemary Fell has two sides to her character. At first, we see how Rosemary is motivated by the good intention to help a poor, distressed girl.

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Why does rosemary fell invite artists to her house?

She wanted someone to make her feel beautiful. She was compelled by the young girl’s voice and looks, so she invited the young girl to her house to share a cup of tea with her.

What made Rosemary change her mind about Miss Smith?

Rosemary’s change of attitude towards Miss Smith after Philip tells her that he thinks Miss Smith is pretty is also interesting. It is from Philip’s remark that the reader realises not only is Rosemary jealous of Miss Smith (because she is pretty) but she also appears to be insecure about her own physical appearance.

What is Rosemary’s reaction when Miss Smith gets into her car to go to tea?

Rosemary get astonished and brings the girl back home with her. She feeds Miss Smith and invites her to stay. When Rosemary’s husband Philip comes home, however, the atmosphere quickly change as he begins to admire Miss Smith.

What character of Rosemary Fell is revealed by her gesture to take home an poor girl?

Rosemary was an impulsive woman. She didn’t think before she acted. She did prove this when she took the beggar-girl home without thinking of the reaction of her husband and other servants at her house. The author points out certain superficial attitudes and lack of serious-mindedness in Rosemary.

What does a cup of tea symbolize?

The definition of cup of tea is an expression that is used to describe something you like, something you are good at or something you enjoy doing.

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Why do you think that Rosemary doesn’t buy the little box from the shop owner?

Rosemary is a rich woman. She sees a little box in the store but doesn’t buy it because it is too expensive.

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