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Question: What is the moonstone in Warriors?

The Moonstone is a giant quartz rock near Highstone’s, located in the Forest Territory. It is positioned in a cave called Mothermouth near Windclan territory. Medicine cats from all four clan’s typically travel to the Moonstone every half month to share tongues with StarClan.

What is Mothermouth in warrior cats?

Highstones is the Clan term for an abandoned Twoleg mine in the forest territories. They are the tall jagged peaks surrounding Mothermouth, the large cave opening leading to the Moonstone. It is home to the Moonstone, a sacred place to Clan cats.

Who killed moonflower Warriors?

Her kits were soon apprenticed, and shortly after, ThunderClan raided WindClan where Moonflower was killed by Hawkheart when she tried to destroy the medicine cat’s herb supply due to an omen from Goosefeather. Her death became a recurring source of grief for Bluepaw and Snowpaw during their apprenticeship.

Where is the Moonstone in Warrior cats Ultimate?

The Moonstone is found at the Mothermouth. The Mothermouth is the cave entrance, which is across the road from WindClan territory.

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Do apprentices go to the Moonstone?

According to tradition, before becoming a warrior, an apprentice had to make a journey to the Moonstone beside their leader or mentor. The trip to the Moonstone took them across the territory of other Clans, then to the land beyond leading to the Highstones.

What do medicine cats do at a moonstone?

Moonstone is a stub. Medicine cats from all four clan’s typically travel to the Moonstone every half month to share tongues with StarClan. They usually take their apprentices and all go together. When the past leader of a clan dies or retires, their deputy must take over.

Where is Mother mouth in warrior cats?

You can find a sign next to the west end of the Thunderpath, as a Clan cat, and can visit Mothermouth by pressing <Ctrl> next to the sign in WindClan territories.

Who loves Stormtail?

He was mates with Moonflower and fathered two kits with her, Bluekit and Snowkit, though he held a distant relationship with his kits.

What was Tallstar’s warrior name?

As Tallpaw grows up and becomes a warrior, Talltail, his desire of vengeance for Sparrow grows, who he believes killed his father. Feeling distant from WindClan, Talltail leaves to find Sparrow. He meets a kittypet named Jake who joins him on his journey.

Is Hawkheart in the dark forest?

Hawkheart is currently in Dark Forest because he killed Bluestar’s mother, Moonflower. He also broke the fourteenth part of the warrior code: No honourable warriors kill other cats to win his or her battles.

How many cats are in StarClan?

Littlecloud disagrees, but Blackstar quiets him. The Clans continue in turmoil, thinking their representatives are gone and StarClan is not sending them any answers. The six cats know they have to get StarClan’s message back to the forest before it is destroyed.

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Where is Moss in Warrior cats Roblox?

For example, moss can be found on trees and rocks near sources of water, cobwebs can be found in caves and hidden dens, and catmint tends to be located near Twoleg development.

What does Paw mean in warrior cats?

Apprentices are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior (or sometimes a medicine cat) under a mentor. All apprentices’ names end with the suffix “-paw” (i.e., Lionpaw, Breezepaw, Leafpaw which symbolizes the path their paws are on, until they receive their warrior name.

How do you fight like a warrior cat?


  1. Back Kick – Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind.
  2. Belly Rake – A fight-stopper.
  3. Front Paw Blow – Frontal attack.
  4. Front Paw Strike/Forepaw Slash – Frontal attack.
  5. Killing Bite – A death blow to the back of the neck.
  6. Leap-and-hold – Ideal for a small cat facing a larger opponent.

What is a good warrior cat name?

Some Warrior Cat Names Examples Tigerstar. Cinderpelt. Stormcloud. Dewpetal.

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