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Question: What is Error 108 on Ariston boiler?

Low water pressure (fault code 108) Low boiler pressure can lead to the central heating system not functioning as well as it should. To check the boiler pressure, simply take a look at the pressure gauge and if it shows anything below 1 then you may have an issue.

What does 108 mean on a boiler?

#2 – Low Water Pressure (Fault Code 108) If you’ve got low water pressure, it’s likely you’ll see the 108 fault code displayed on your boiler. Water pressure is lost due to leaks. This could be via your boiler, or other parts of the heating system.

How do I reset my Ariston boiler?

How to reset an Ariston boiler. To reset your Ariston boiler you simply need to locate the reset button and hold it down for up to 10 seconds. All boilers will have a reset button, however, depending on the make and model, its location might look slightly different.

How do I fix the pressure on my Ariston boiler?

How to Fix it: Repressurising a boiler is easy. Anyone can use the external filling loop to increase pressure in the system to around 1.3 bar, which is the pressure required in most Ariston boilers. This will clear the error code and get your boiler working again.

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How do I fix steam Error 108?

Method 1: Restart Your VR Headset If error 108 (Steam VR headset not detected) still exists, you might need to reboot your headset. You just need to right-click the headset icon in SteamVR and select Reboot Vive Headset. Then wait until the process is finished. After that, check whether the error code disappears.

How do you open a filling loop?

How do you use a boiler filling loop?

  1. Using your hands, make sure that the filling loop is fixed firmly into place.
  2. Turn one valve so that it matches the direction of the pipe.
  3. Slowly turn the other filling loop valve.
  4. Water should start to come through the system.
  5. Once it hits 1.4 bar, close both of the valves back up.

How do you fix insufficient circulation?


  1. Get regular exercise. Exercise is essential for heart and circulatory health.
  2. Put your feet up. Elevation helps with edema, swelling caused by a build-up of excess fluid, which usually occurs in the feet, ankles, and legs.
  3. Wear compression garments.
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Why does my Ariston boiler losing pressure?

Low water pressure is a common fault for many boilers, but luckily it’s an easy enough fix – however, if the pressure continues to drop after topping up two or three times, call in an expert. The Fix: Top up the pressure at the boiler via the filling loop (usually located underneath the boiler) to 1.5 bar.

How old is my Ariston boiler?

The first seven digits are the product number. The next two digits are the product manufacture code. The next two digits are the year of manufacture. The following three digits are the day of the year manufactured.

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What does E and C mean on a Ariston boiler?

The selector knob “E” allows the user to choose the economy mode (position “E”) or the comfort mode (position “C”). The economy mode is the normal state for the operation of the boiler, since the domestic water is heated up only when a tap is turned on.

What does SP2 mean on an Ariston boiler?

SP2 – second ignition attempt failed.

What pressure should my boiler be?

Normal boiler pressure should be between about 1-2 bars. The ideal boiler pressure is often marked as a range in green on the gauge itself. With red indicating the low and high boiler pressure zones. Bear in mind that your boiler may continue to work if the pressure is in these red zones.

How do I increase pressure in my boiler?

Locate the filling loop, often found on the underside of your boiler. Open both valves to allow water into your heating system. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge and close the valves when the pressure reaches 1.5 bar. Switch on your boiler and reset the fault code (if necessary).

What should pressure be on combi boiler?

The pressure of your combi boiler should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If your pressure reads at less than 1 bar, it’s possible that you have lost water from the system via a leak.

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