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Question: What does Piggy represent in his speech at the assembly?

What does Piggy represent in his speech at the assembly? Piggy, now half blind, stands for rules, intelligence, science, and order, which are in tatters.

What does Piggy symbolize in his speech at the assembly?

What does Piggy represent in his speech at the assembly? Piggy now (half blind) stands for rules, intelligence, science, and order which are in tatters. The second littlun has lost his connection to the previous world.

What does piggy say they need during his speech?

Jack decides ‘his hunters’ will be responsible for keeping the fire going. What does Piggy say they need during his speech? shelters down by the beach.

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What does Piggy do at the meeting in Chapter 5?

As the meeting begins, Piggy stands outside the triangle of seats, indicating that he plans to listen, but not to speak, suggesting that he considers this meeting unworthy of his input.

Why did Ralph compare himself to Piggy as he prepared for the Assembly?

How does he compare himself to Piggy? Qualities Ralph realizes he needs in order to be chief are to think and to be wise. He does compare himself to Piggy by recognizing thought in others. What does Ralph lecture the boys about in his assembly to “put things straight” (p.

What does Piggy represent in Lord of the Flies quizlet?

Piggy, now half blind, stands for rules, intelligence, science, and order, which are in tatters.

What does Piggy represent in Lord of the Flies?

The characters in Lord of the Flies possess recognizable symbolic significance, which make them as the sort of people around us. Ralph stands for civilization and democracy; Piggy represents intellect and rationalism; Jack signifies savagery and dictatorship; Simon is the incarnation of goodness and saintliness.

What does Piggy have the idea to do at the start of the book?

Piggy’s idea to make a list of the boys is something a teacher would do, so that they would know who is absent and who is late for meetings, for example. In Chapter 1, Piggy suggests to Ralph that they make a list of names of the boys on the island.

What does Piggy feel should have been the first priorities?

Piggy says they should have made shelters before starting a fire. It is clear that Piggy is intelligent, and does not agree with Ralph. It is also clear that no one takes Piggy seriously.

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What does piggy think is going to happen what does he think they should do?

Piggy thinks the others are trying to steal the conch, but the conch is still in the hut. The boys’ behavior is now dominated by their baser human instincts; the ferocity of fire has overcome reason as represented by the conch (Chapter 10).

Why is Piggy protesting the meeting?

Piggy is the “brains” of the group of boys; he represents the intellectual and as such, he is upset that the meetings are not conducted the way they should be so that things could be accomplished.

What does Piggy do at first to show he doesn’t approve of the Assembly Chapter 5?

How does Piggy show disapproval as Ralph’s assembly is called? He puts his hand out for the conch and when he doesn’t get it he pouts about it. When he gets the conch he starts to critique everyone again.

Does piggy believe in the beast?

In Chapter 5, Piggy refuses to believe a real beast is on the island, but he does concede that fear itself exists, and could be particularly dangerous if the boys start to become frightened of one another.

What does Ralph realize about Piggy?

Ralph realizes that Piggy has an ability that he doesn’t and that this is part of the problem with having Ralph as chief. He recognizes that Piggy’s ability to think ahead and break things down is an asset, but he fails to recognize Jack’s charisma as a threat.

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What does Ralph say about Piggy?

Ralph thinks that Piggy is annoying and useless. He does not want to be his friend in Chapter 1, and makes fun of him in front of the boys. Ralph’s attitude is one of shaky friendship mixed with condescension. He seems callous and unaware of Piggy at first: when Piggy asks his name, he does not ask Piggy in return.

What does Ralph discover about Piggy and the key differences between them explain?

Ralph is tall, slim, and athletic. He is good-looking and described as being a “fair boy.” In contrast, Piggy is shorter than Ralph and visibly overweight. Piggy also suffers from asthma and has to wear glasses. In addition, Ralph is confident and more reserved than Piggy.

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