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Question: How do I show columns in a table in MySQL?

You can list a table’s columns with the mysqlshow db_name tbl_name command. The DESCRIBE statement provides information similar to SHOW COLUMNS.

How do I see the columns in a table?

Tip Query to get all column names from database table in SQL

  3. WHERE TABLE_NAME = ‘Your Table Name’

How do I list all columns in a table?

Lets assume our table name is “Student”.

  1. USE MyDB.
  2. GO.
  4. GO.
  5. EXEC sp_help ‘Student’
  6. GO.
  7. select * from sys.all_columns where object_id = OBJECT_ID(‘Student’)
  8. GO.

How do I see all columns in a SQL table?

In a query editor, if you highlight the text of table name (ex dbo. MyTable) and hit ALT + F1, you’ll get a list of column names, type, length, etc.

How do I get a list of columns in a SQL table?


  1. schema_name – schema name.
  2. table_name – table name.
  3. column_id – table column id, starting at 1 for each table.
  4. column_name – name of column.
  5. data_type – column data type.
  6. max_length – data type max length.
  7. precision – data type precision.
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Which of the following command is used to get all columns in a table?

To list all columns in a table, we can use the SHOW command.

Which symbol is used to get all columns of a table?

An asterisk, shorthand for all the columns in the table, displayed in CREATE TABLE order. One or more column names, in any order. One or more character constants (such as “Total”) used as display headings or text embedded in the results.

How show all columns and rows in SQL?

Using the asterisk operator * serves as a shortcut for selecting all the columns in the table. All rows will also be selected because this SELECT statement does not have a WHERE clause, to specify any filtering criteria.

How can I get column names and datatypes of a table in SQL?

The other way to check data types is the statement with using INFORMATION_SCHEMA database. In the below statement you need COLUMNS table: SELECT COLUMN_NAME, DATA_TYPE, IS_NULLABLE, CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH, NUMERIC_PRECISION, NUMERIC_SCALE FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA. COLUMNS WHERE TABLE_NAME=’your_table_name’;

How do I get column names and data types in SQL?

You can get the MySQL table columns data type with the help of “information_schema. columns”. SELECT DATA_TYPE from INFORMATION_SCHEMA. COLUMNS where table_schema = ‘yourDatabaseName’ and table_name = ‘yourTableName’.

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