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Question: Do you need to winterize a hot tub?

Proper winterization is important, as it can save you a lot of money in hot tub repairs and maintenance in the future. Cold temperatures can cause serious damage to your hot tub; especially to plumbing lines if your hot tub is not being regularly used. Winterizing your hot tub is protecting your investment.

What happens if I don’t winterize my hot tub?

This water could easily freeze, expand, and crack valuable plumbing and equipment. If you can’t winterize or have an in-ground spa, a spa technician can close the hot tub for you.

How do you winterize a hot tub?

10 Steps to Winterize Your Hot Tub

  1. Turn Off The GFCI Circuit Breaker.
  2. Remove Your Hot Tub’s Side Panel.
  3. Attach A Garden Hose To The Drain Hose.
  4. Loosen Unions On The Heater And Pumps.
  5. Remove The Drain Plug From The Pumps.
  6. Use A Wet-Vac To Remove Water From The Lines.
  7. Replace Drain Plug On Pumps.
  8. Add Hot Tub Antifreeze.

Can you leave a hot tub on all winter?

Drain the hot tub only if it’s very cold and you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time (weeks or more). You can leave your hot tub running 24/7 during the winter. It will not freeze. By leaving it on the hot tub is ready for you to use any time.

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Should I close hot tub for winter?

But, in our opinion, the cost of the hot tub winterization negates the energy savings over the cold months because our hot tubs are so energy efficient. We only really recommend winterization if you’re going to be away during the winter or are leaving your hot tub empty for more than just one season!

Will a drained hot tub freeze?

Hot tubs most at risk of having problems with freezing are those with external drains. The drain will actually freeze very quickly, break, and then let the hot water run out, taking with it all of the heat energy that was keeping the rest of the spa from freezing.

Should I put antifreeze in my hot tub?

Propylene Glycol antifreeze to keep your spa’s pipes from freezing. For safety, never use an antifreeze containing Ethylene Glycol—the kind you use in your car—in your hot tub. It’s toxic.

How do you completely drain a hot tub?

There are three methods for draining a hot tub: through the drain spigot (a.k.a. drain plug), using a submersible drain pump, or with the help of a wet/dry vacuum. Before you start draining the tub, however, cut off the power supply so the jets and pumps can’t accidentally be during this procedure.

How do you flush antifreeze out of a hot tub?

By the time the tub is filled, depending upon how much antifreeze you used, the water may be clear. Add about a cup of bleach, just to help disinfect the plumbing, then run your pumps about 20 minutes to disperse the bleach and flush the antifreeze out of the system.

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