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Question: Can I eat peanut butter on a low residue diet?

Cheese with seeds, nuts, or fruit. Crunchy peanut butter, jam, marmalade, and preserves. Pickles, olives, relish, sauerkraut, and horseradish. Popcorn.

Can you eat creamy peanut butter on a low residue diet?

Choose these foods: Tender meat, fish and poultry, ham, bacon, shellfish, and lunch meat. Eggs, tofu and creamy peanut butter. Dairy products if tolerated.

Is peanut butter OK before colonoscopy?

Two to Three Days before Your Colonoscopy This means that you cannot eat: Whole grains: Including brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals, and high-fiber cereals and muffins. Nuts: Including peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chunky peanut butter, and breads or cereals that contain these or any other nuts.

Are bananas low residue?

Foods Allowed on a Low Residue Diet fruit without peels or seeds and certain canned or well-cooked fruit (e.g., peeled apples, seedless peeled grapes, banana, cantaloupe, etc.) some soft, cooked vegetables (e.g., beets, beans, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.)

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Is cheese a low residue food?

Milk an foods made from milk – yogurt (without fruit added), pudding, ice cream, cheeses, cottage cheese, sour cream. Butter, margarine, oils, and salad dressings without seeds or nuts.

Can you eat bacon on a low-residue diet?

Protein Choose servings of cooked meat, bacon, poultry, eggs, and smooth peanut butter. Make sure the meats are tender and not chewy — and remove all residue-producing gristle.

Is applesauce low-residue?

Canned or cooked fruits without seeds or skin, like applesauce or canned pears.

Can I still have a colonoscopy if I ate nuts?

QUESTION: I ate seeds and/or nuts within 3 days of procedure. Can I still have my procedure done? ANSWER: Yes, in general the procedure can still be performed, but visibility may be affected.

What if I accidentally ate the day before my colonoscopy?

It is important to follow all of the instructions provided by our office to ensure a successful exam, however, if you accidentally ate something the day before your procedure before PM, you do not need to reschedule as long as you begin the clear liquid diet and follow the rest of the instructions to prepare for

Can I eat nuts 3 days before colonoscopy?

A few days before the colonoscopy procedure — Start eating a low-fiber diet: no whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or raw fruits or vegetables. The day before the colonoscopy procedure — Don’t eat solid foods.

Can you eat chocolate on low residue diet?

Foods to avoid: Strong cheeses, yogurt containing fruit skins or seeds. Dried beans, peas, and legumes. Dried fruits, berries, other fruits with skin or seeds. Chocolate with Cocoa Powder (white chocolate has no fiber)

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Can you eat mashed potatoes on a low residue diet?

Foods To Include: Dairy (if tolerated): milk, ice cream, yogurt, puddings. Eggs: soft, baked, boiled or hard. Scrambled, poached or souffle. Potatoes: boiled, baked, creamed, mashed.

Can you eat mac and cheese on a low residue diet?

Dr. Samarasena explained that low-residue foods, such as eggs, yogurt, cheese, bread, cottage cheese, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese, are easily broken down in the stomach and cleaned out by the bowel preparation.

Is Salsa low residue?

Any on not allowed list; jam, marmalade, fruit preserves, plain chocolate. Chili pepper, curry powder, cloves, seed spices, coconut, horseradish, popcorn, pickles, salsa, relish, chutney, all seeds such as poppy, sesame and caraway.

Is pasta low residue?

Examples of low-residue foods include the following: White bread with no nuts or seeds. White rice. Refined cereals and pasta.

What are high residue foods?

The high fiber-high residue has been suggested. Emphasis should be placed on high fiber breads and cereals such as whole grain, whole wheat products, brown rice, and grain products containing other high fiber foods such as dried fruits.

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