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Often asked: Who played Ginger on 7th Heaven?

She had a recurring role as Ginger Jackson on 7th Heaven. In 1957–1958, she starred in the TV crime-drama Decoy, which ran for 39 episodes.

Beverly Garland
Garland in 1969
Born Beverly Lucy FessendenOctober 17, 1926 Santa Cruz, California, U.S.

What did Beverly Garland died of?

She was 82. Ms. Garland died at her Hollywood Hills home after a lengthy illness, her son-in-law Packy Smith told The Los Angeles Times.

Is Judy Garland related to Beverly Garland?

Her dedication to acting for over fifty years showed in her 195 credited film and television appearances before her death at the age of 82. Only four years her senior, her namesake but non-related actress, Judy Garland made a name for herself during the same time as Beverly.

Who is Beverly Garland married to?

Garland on GUNSMOKE. Beverly had the distinction of guest starring on four episodes of the popular CBS television series GUNSMOKE.

Is actress Beverly Garland still alive?

She was 82. Garland died Friday at her Hollywood Hills home after a lengthy illness, her son-in-law Packy Smith told the Los Angeles Times. Garland made her film debut in the 1950 noir classic “D.O.A.,” launching a 50-year career that included 40 movies and dozens of television shows.

Did Judy Garland have grandchildren?

The brothers did not remain in Hollywood and went on to military careers. Robbie and Katie will Robbie, Steve, and Charlie Douglas. The television series MY THREE SONS ran on ABC and later CBS between 1960-1972. It was the second-longest-running TV show of its era with 12 seasons.

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Why did Don Grady leave my three sons?

Although in 1964, Grady wasn’t ready to leave his mom’s home, by 1970, he was done with My Three Sons, explaining to The Los Angeles Times that part of the problem of playing Robbie was that doing the role, he felt locked into the tender age of 15. As we all know now, that was such a complex time for him in real life.

When was Beverly Garland born?

October 17, 1926

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