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Often asked: What is the mystery of The Westing Game?

In 1976, Raskin began to work on what would become her last book, a mystery called “The Westing Game,” which revolves around the death of a cryptically patriotic industrial tycoon. “The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that), but Sunset Towers faced east.

Who solves the mystery in The Westing Game?

Turtle Wexler, having solved the game by discovering Sam Westing’s secret life, is dedicated to becoming his successor – and, ultimately, the president of Westing Paper Products. She takes on the nickname of T.R. (real name: Tabitha-Ruth Wexler), attends college early, and makes over $5 million in the stock market.

Who actually won The Westing Game?

In Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game, while it is true that Turtle Wexler figured out all four of Sam Westing’s identities, won the game, and later inherited $200 million, in reality all characters in the book are winners.

Who was the bomber in the Westing Game?

Angela Wexler is the bomber in The Westing Game. She sets off a series of bombs to vent her frustration over her upcoming marriage.

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How did turtle win The Westing Game?

Ultimately, after discovering the true identity of Sandy McSouthers—and the fact that Sam Westing created four aliases for himself based on the directions of the four winds—the logical and enterprising Turtle wins the Westing game, but she doesn’t tell any of the other players that she’s solved the puzzle.

How is the killer in The Westing Game?

In the end of of the Westing Games, the heirs find out that Alexander (Sandy)McSoutherns, Barney Northrup, and Julian Eastman are all the suspected victim of murder, Samuel W. Westing! This means that Samuel faked his own death and took disguise as three other people.

Who did turtle have a crush on?

Turtle’s newfound appeal to women and Jamie’s decision to star in a New Zealand-shot TV series forces the two to end their relationship. Turtle tries to get over Jamie by getting together with Brooke Manning, a UCLA coed who has a crush on him.

Why is Angela Wexler The bomber?

In The Westing Game, bomber Angela Wexler’s primary motive in setting off the bombs was to mar her beauty so that others would no longer judge her by her looks. She also did it to avoid being married off to Dr. Deere, her mother’s choice of future husband.

What purple waves mean?

Ivory Wave (redirected from Purple Wave) A product sold as powdered bath salts on the internet, in so-called ‘head shops’ and market stalls, often with a label ‘not for human consumption’.

Who does JJ Ford call in The Westing Game?

Chapter 26: Turtle’s Trial, Part I Sikes, Westing’s friend, as the limping person he saw go into the mansion. She next calls on Otis Amber, in reality a private investigator who worked for Sam Westing, Barney Northrup, and Judge Ford.

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Who is the main character in The Westing Game?

What was on the reverse side of the bomber’s note? It said, ” How I spent my Summer vacation” by Turtle Wexler.

How many bombs were in The Westing Game?

The Four Bombs Symbol Timeline in The Westing Game.

How did Angela change in The Westing Game?

By rejecting her beauty—and the kind of person that went with it—Angela finally starts to evolve. Once she’s reclaimed her identity as a grown woman and aspiring doctor, she can re-consider her relationship with Dr. Deere and eventually become a mother herself.

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