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Often asked: What is the difference between components and directives in angular 4?

Components have their own view (HTML and styles). Directives are just “behavior” added to existing elements and components. Component extends Directive. Because of that there can only be one component on a host element, but multiple directives.

What is component vs directive in Angular?

Angular components are the major UI building blocks of an Angular application, and the Angular components are a subset of Directives and Angular component are always associated with a template i.e. Angular Components have their own view whereas Angular Directives are used to add additional behavior to an existing DOM

What is the use of directives in Angular 4?

Angular Directive: Attribute Directives. Attribute Directive is basically used to modify or alter the appearance and behavior of an element.

Is component a directive or decorator?

A component is also a directive-with-a-template. A @Component decorator is actually a @Directive decorator extended with template-oriented features. Whenever Angular renders a directive, it changes the DOM according to the instructions given by the directive.

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What is component in Angular?

Components are the main building block for Angular applications. Each component consists of: An HTML template that declares what renders on the page. A Typescript class that defines behavior. A CSS selector that defines how the component is used in a template.

What are directive in Angular?

Directives are classes that add additional behavior to elements in your Angular applications. Use Angular’s built-in directives to manage forms, lists, styles, and what users see. Attribute directives—directives that change the appearance or behavior of an element, component, or another directive.

How many types of directives are there in Angular 4?

The three types of directives in Angular are attribute directives, structural directives, and components.

What is the use of DOM in Angular?

It defines events, methods, properties for all HTML elements as objects. DOM in AngularJS acts as an API (programming interface) for javascript. Whenever a web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document Model Object (DOM) of that page. Do you know how to use ng-model in AngularJS?

What is a component decorator in Angular?

Description. Component decorator allows you to mark a class as an Angular component and provide additional metadata that determines how the component should be processed, instantiated and used at runtime. Components are the most basic building block of an UI in an Angular application.

What is component selector in Angular?

Angular components are a subset of directives, always associated with a template. The selector is a property inside the angular component which identifies the directive in a template and triggers instantiation of the directive.

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What is the difference between directive and decorator in Angular?

In Angular, a Directive is essentially a typescript class which has been annotated with a TypeScript Decorator. The decorator is the @ symbol. Decorators are not currently part of the JavaScript functionality (although they likely will be in the future) and are also still experimental in TypeScript.

What is the difference between components controllers and directives?

A controller is usually used to contain and maintain the logic for your view, which gets bound to your view via $scope. A directive is something that you might use repeatedly and is called in your view directly through the directive name which you can pass in as an attribute.

What is directive and component?

Component is a directive which uses shadow DOM to create encapsulated visual behavior called components. Components are typically used to create UI widgets. Component is used to break up the application into smaller components. Only one component can be present per DOM element.

What is the difference between component and service in Angular?

Components define views, which are sets of screen elements that Angular can choose among and modify according to your program logic and data. Components use services, which provide specific functionality not directly related to views.

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