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Often asked: What is the biblical meaning of sanctification?

1 : to set apart to a sacred purpose or to religious use : consecrate. 2 : to free from sin : purify.

What are the means of sanctification?

verb (used with object), sanc·ti·fied, sanc·ti·fy·ing. to make holy; set apart as sacred; consecrate. to purify or free from sin: Sanctify your hearts. to impart religious sanction to; render legitimate or binding: to sanctify a vow.

What are the 4 stages of sanctification?

Four Stages of Sanctification:

  • Sanctification Has a Definite Beginning at Regeneration. a.
  • Sanctification Increases Throughout Life.
  • Sanctification is Completed at Death (for Our Souls) and When the Lord.
  • Sanctification is Never Completed in This Life.
  • Our Intellect.
  • Our Emotions.
  • Our Will.
  • Our Spirit.

What is the believers role in sanctification?

Believers are sanctified by God (Heb 2:11; 9:13- 14; , 14, 29; ) through the Holy Spirit (1 Pet 1:2, 18f.) (Mullen, 1996, p. 712) in order that they may grow in holiness. Believers are to “throw off everything that hinders” and “run with perseverance,” “fixing our eyes on Jesus” (Heb 12:1-3).

What is the doctrine of sanctification?

The Short Answer At the most basic level, sanctification means “set apart for God.” When something has been sanctified, it has been reserved for God’s purposes alone – it has been made holy. In the Old Testament, specific objects and vessels were sanctified, set apart, for use in God’s temple.

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What does the Bible mean by sanctification?

1: to set apart to a sacred purpose or to religious use: consecrate. 2: to free from sin: purify.

What did Jesus say about sanctification?

Jesus’ prayer for His disciples, “ Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth ” (John ), instructs us that God sanctifies us by His Word.

What is the end goal of sanctification?

The Goal of Sanctification Hoekema distinguishes between two end results: the proximate and final goals of sanctification. The final end of our sanctification is the glorification of God. This is implied by Paul’s use of the phrase, “to the praise of his Glory” in Ephesians 1:12.

What are the benefits of sanctification?

Sanctification keep your mind open and pure to see and hear in the spirit world. Sanctification establish a good organization of your life in the spiritual world. Your sanctification on earth is seen in the world of spirits that are submitted to you and obey your voice.

How do you live a sanctified life?

Disconnect from sin: To live a sanctified life, you must disconnect from sin. Sin will never go on its own. If you don’t rise up against it, it won’t go. You can wait from now till eternity for sin to go; but until you rise up against it, it won’t.

Is sanctification a doctrine?

The Catholic Church upholds the doctrine of sanctification, teaching that: Our reconciliation with God, which the redemption of Christ has merited for us, finds its accomplishments in sanctifying grace. Through this most precious gift we participate in the divine life; we have the right to be called children of God.

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What religion is sanctified?

The Original Church of God or Sanctified Church is an association of holiness Christian churches headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The members and clergy of the churches are predominantly African-American. The official name of the body is The Original Church of God or Sanctified Church, General Body.

What is sanctification according to John Wesley?

In Wesley’s theology, entire sanctification was a second work of grace received by faith that removed inbred or original sin, and this allowed the Christian to enter a state of perfect love—”Love excluding sin” as stated in the sermon “The Scripture Way of Salvation”.

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