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Often asked: How much does it cost to get a bear taxidermy?

Full Shoulder Mounts Life Size Mounts European Skull Antler Mounts
Bear – $850 Black Bear – $2,400 – $4,500 Deer – $225
Boar – $685 – $785 – $885 Elk – $250 – $350
Bobcat – $595 Bobcat – $895 Moose – $550
Caribou – $795 Boar – $1,375 – $3,500 Buffalo – $550


How much does it cost to taxidermy a bear skin?

If you flesh and prep the skin, and can find a tannery that will take a skin from an individual – some only take work from taxidermists who run a business – you are looking at between $150 and $200 depending on size, as the tanneries charge by the linear foot.

How long does it take to taxidermy a bear?

With an industry standard anywhere from eight months to two and even three years, taxidermy is a master class in patience.

How expensive is a bear mount?

The average price for a full mount Bear was $1400 – $1700.

How much are taxidermy animals worth?

On average, the prices can range anywhere from $65 to as much as $4,000 or more, depending on the animal being mounted, which part, how you want it presented and which professional you choose.

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Can I taxidermy my dog?

Most taxidermists can’t, or won’t, handle pets because of the pressure to get it right and the lack of pre-made forms for each kind of animal. (A deer just has to look like a deer. Your dog has to look exactly like your dog.) With only the eyes and organs are removed, your dog is returned more or less intact.

Is it legal to own a bear rug?

According to Alberta trapping regs it is legal to sell bear hides.

How much does it cost to get bear hide tanned?

charges, to give you a tanned hide to hang on the wall, etc. So a tanned hide done by a taxidermist/ tannery will be around $300 or so. Around $1,000 for a mounted rug.

Are bear skin rugs soft?

Grizzly bear rugs can give your home and business that rustic charm. These rugs are made from the skin of grizzly bears, ferocious and large bears usually found in North America. Grizzly bears have long, thick and very soft hair.

Does taxidermy last forever?

When cared for properly, taxidermy will retain its lifelike appearance for years. Your new mount should be kept in a dry area with little or no humidity, preferably in a room with a regulated temperature.

How many hours do taxidermist work?

Work Environment Most taxidermists work 40 hours a week, although overtime is not uncommon during certain times of the year. Taxidermists with their own shops may have to work long hours, especially when first starting out.

How do you preserve animals for taxidermy?

If you’re unable to get your trophy to a taxidermist promptly, it’s recommended to freeze it in a plastic bag by placing the skin side out and removing air to freeze as flat as possible. If you possess a small game animal, such as a coyote or fox, and a life size mount is desired, freeze it whole in a bag.

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How much does it cost to taxidermy a dog?

It costs about $500 to $700 to have an average-sized dog stuffed with cotton and freeze dried.

How much is a full body whitetail mount?

A half body can cost anywhere from $650 to $1,100, while a full body mount can cost anywhere from $1,300 to as much as $2,300 depending on the size of the deer. An antler mount can cost anywhere from $30 to $100, while just the head mount can be between $250 to $450.

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