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Question: How Are Undermount Sinks Attached??

Undermount sinks are typically attached with a two-part epoxy adhesive and sealed with silicone caulking around the perimeter.

Most professionals can install an undermount kitchen sink in 30 minutes or less.

How do you attach an undermount sink to a laminate countertop?

How do you attach a stainless steel sink to a granite countertop?

How-to Install a Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink | Moen

How do you secure an undermount sink?

How to Secure an Undermount Sink

  • Position the new counter top in an upside-down orientation across the cabinetry that it will reside on.
  • Squeeze silicone caulk onto the rim of the undermount sink.
  • Turn the sink over and position it evenly across the cut-out on the counter top.
  • Place a self-tapping screw into one of the sink’s screw holes.
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