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Quick Answer: How Do I Measure For Replacement Cabinets??

How To Measure Your Kitchen For Cabinets by

How cabinets are measured?

Using a tape measure, determine the height of each cabinet from base to tip and the depth of each cabinet from front to rear. Standard size base cabinets have a height of 36 in (91 cm) and a depth of 24 in (61 cm). Standard size wall cabinets have a depth of 12 in (30 cm) but feature variable heights.

How do you measure linear feet for kitchen cabinets?

Measure from one corner where the cabinet begins to the other side where the cabinet terminates. Linear measurements are typically taken along the wall. Write the measurement down on the sketch in inches. If cabinets are fastened together, measure the accumulative length, corner to corner.

How do you measure a kitchen for remodeling?

Tips for Measuring Your Kitchen

  • Ensure accuracy. You’ll need a tape measure, straight edge and graph paper.
  • Measure clockwise. Record the overall length of each wall, working to your right around the room.
  • Get the width and height.
  • Find your center.
  • Include the trim.
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