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Question: How Far Should Recessed Lights Be From Cabinets??

Place your recessed downlights 12″ apart from each other and 12″ to 18″ away from any cabinets to illuminate counter areas.

How far should Can lights be from wall?

Space wall wash downlights apart at the same distance as they are mounted from the wall. For ceilings up to 9 feet high, mount recessed lights 2 to 3 feet from the wall and spaced 2 to 3 feet apart.

Can lights from wall?

Step 1: The rule for installing wall wash recessed fixtures is approx. 1.5′ to 3′ away from the wall. Step 2: Fixed lights can be placed closer to the wall. Step 3: Place adjustable lights farther away from the wall.

Where should Can lights be placed in kitchen?

Illuminate Key Lighting Areas
But for ambient hang-out islands (like counter seating), something as simple as mini-pendants will do: Pendants should be placed at least 30-32 inches apart and 30-36 inches above the island, with at least six inches from edge of island.

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